Apr 9, 2011 | Roofing Denver, Uncategorized


If all consumers were willing to upgrade to a laminated shingle than Integrity Roofing and Painting would never install a 3-tab shingle!

The following bullet points are from personal roofing experiences and observations that date back to 1983.

  • Several Windstorm building codes along coastal regions don’t allow 3-tab shingles.
  • Pikes Peak regional building department code specifies that heavy weight 3-tab shingles are to be installed during the winter months.
  • More windblown debris collects around the self sealing tabs of 3-tab shingles than a laminated shingle, resulting in a potential failure.
  • April, 2011 in Colorado after a windstorm of winds over 70 mph very few laminated shingles are missing from roofs. However a higher number of homes with 3-tab shingles suffered loss from the same storm.
  • Following hailstorms of small to medium diameter stones it appears that 3-tab shingles are more susceptible to damage than laminated shingles.
  • The 3-tab shingle is thinner and on roofs where the decking is wavy the 3-tab shingle transmits this visually unappealing affect to the surface. The laminated shingles is thicker and multi-dimensional, therefore creating a more pleasing appearance.
  • Building departments and HOA’S that disallow 3-tab shingles are aware of this under performing roof product.
  • Let the buyer beware!