Winter Roofing Inspections: Why It’s Important

Oct 31, 2012 | Roofing Tips

Snow on the roofWhile here in Colorado we have already experienced our first snow of the year, it’s important that we make sure our roofs are prepared and ready for heavier snowfall and winter’s brutal winds.

Roof Inspections

It’s crucial to understand why these inspections are important and what to look for in an inspector and during inspection. If you believe your roof may be in need of some small, minor repairs, it’s extremely important that your Denver roofing contractor is able to identify and repair any problems before winter’s arrival. Roofing inspections are an important part of keeping your roof maintenance at its peak and should never be taken for granted.

Why Is This Important?

While minor roof issues may seem minute compared to other major problems, they can easily lead to larger, disastrous problems when your damaged roof is exposed to snow, sleet, rain, ice, and strong winds. These cold elements can put a large amount of pressure onto your roof and introduce high levels of moisture, which can cause even more damage. As well as damage, roofing problems can cause to home energy flaws, which can send your utility bill through the roof.

Snow, especially in Colorado, can be extremely heavy, especially after one of our snowstorms. Your roof is forced to support extra weight. If your roof is suffering even from the smallest damage or problem, the heavy weight of snow could trigger a terrible collapse that will cost you a LOT more to fix than you need to.

Even if you believe your roof is structurally sound with the minor damage, rain, melting snow, and ice can cause huge problems. You risk not only leaks but damage to the beams that support your roof. Therefore, this could damage and weaken your roof and create dangerous instability in your support.

In the end, it’s far more cost-effective to invest in some preventive roof maintenance than it is to deal with the potential problems that result from negligence. And most importantly, it’s worth the cost of your family’s safety.


roof inspector

If you’re interested in having a roof inspection done prior to winter’s arrival, contact us today. Your Denver Roofing contractor, Integrity Roofing and Painting provides roofing services throughout the greater Denver metro area.