Things Some Colorado Springs Roofing Companies May Not Tell You

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As a homeowner, the most important part of your home is your roof.  When buying a home, most people want to know the condition of the roof.  Imagine if you decide to purchase a house, you did not check the condition of the roof.  Now, you are trying to settle into your new home. Then a bad rainstorm strikes, the roof begins to leak.  Now your new furniture, heirlooms and other valuables have water damage. Some of your valuables may be irreplaceable, while others you can replace easily. The roof provides protection for your family and belongings from the weather. Over time, leaky roofs can weaken the structure of your home, cause mildew and mold. Mildew and mold in the walls, can cause your entire family health to decay.  If your roof is leaking, it is time to call one or more of the many Colorado Springs roofing companies. Before you call, you need to know what they may not tell you.

Raising Inspection Scams

Many Colorado Springs roofing companies will quote you a low price to get the work. Once you are locked into a contract based on a low inspection, the inspectiond price may continue to rise throughout the term of the project. Beware of the raising inspection scam.

Do You Just Need Repairs or a Total Roof Replacement?

Colorado Springs roofing companies may wrongfully claim you need a new roof. Contractors may neglect to tell you, there are many ways to repair an old roof. The obvious reason contractors try to replace your roof is cost. Contractors make more money replacing a roof instead of repairing the roof. Regardless to what a company’s mission statement says, the bottom line, they are in business to make money.  Do not just accept when a contractor insists on replacing your roof.  Just like you would get a second opinion about your health, get a second opinion about your roof.

Long Project Time Lines

Colorado Springs roofing contractors may give you a ridiculous time line. The reason why contractors give such lengthy time lines, so they can take their time and pad the cost of roof repairs.  If you feel the time line is too long, get a second opinion.  Over 85% of homeowner overpay for roof repairs because they neglect to get a second opinion.  However, many homeowners do not get a second opinion because they have limited knowledge about roof repairs.

Where Did the Roofing Contractor Get Their Training?

A Colorado Springs roofing contractor may not be forth coming about where they receive their training. When hiring a contractor, homeowners should see the contractor’s certifications and previous work. Certifications do not guarantee the contractor is professional, but it does show their commitment to their profession.  Mostly when a contractor is certified, they usually are more professional. Usually contractors have photos or videos of previous work. Viewing previous work give you an idea of the contractor’s skills. Do not be afraid to ask for certifications and view previous roof repair work. If the contractor refuses, sound the alarm, we have a phony in the mix. Obviously, the contractor does not have skills to repair your roof.