Denver, ColoradoDenver roofing and building codes were created to serve as a complete, comprehensive code regulating residential construction and the safe trade practices for the community of Denver, Colorado. While the code doesn’t necessarily address every roof component regarding an integrated roof system, it does a reasonable service in providing an overall comprehensive roof approach for new construction and roof replacements.


I’d love for Denver roofing codes to become more comprehensive

I’d love to see Denver take a more proactive stance in enforcing a more integrated roofing system requirement for all roof replacements. An engaging code enforcement agency with new and improved regulations that hold Denver roofers to a higher standard would be apropos. With the number of roof replacements due to hail storms Denver roofers begin to compete on price and seem to be lowering standards. The insurance companies seem to be decreasing the number of roof components that are listed on their scope for roof replacements, thus allowing for salvaging components that should not be re-used. It would be advantageous for the Denver building department to adopt new and enforceable roofing codes that prevent the recycling of integral roof components that are vulnerable and critical for the integrated system to shed water.


Denver building inspectorsDenver Code Inspector

The enforcement of building codes is accomplished by Denver building inspectors.These inspectors are required to enforce the minimum level of structural integrity required for roofers in Denver. The governing jurisdiction has the right to amend, adopt and repel the roofing codes for Denver. There office is located at 201 West Colfax Ave, Dept 205 Denver, CO 80202. They can be reached by phone @ 720-865-2780 and their website address is Denver code inspectors will enforce local codes to the best of their ability. 


Roof permits

The mile high city of Denver allows for roofing permits to be applied for with an over the phone credit card form. You can acquire one of these forms in person or online. You’ll need to complete all of the fields on this form and fax the application to 720-865-3020, which is the intake counter. Another option is to fill out this form and to deliver it in person to 201 West Colfax Avenue. If you need a re-inspection this will cost $100.00 and the for can be faxed to the cashier at 720-865-2884. This fax number is for re-inspection’s and late fees only. Please be gracious and understand that once you’ve submitted the roof permit form by this method the building department will need one day for processing your application. In addition, the building department request your patience for another day will be needed before a cashier representative with contact you for payment information.

If a homeowner is to pull a permit it may be easier to arrive in person. You may be require to pass a homeowner’s exam before the building department allows you to replace your roof yourself. Never pull a permit for a roofer. All liability including both financial and building will become yours. This is an infraction that could be very costly to a homeowner. A Denver roofing company must be licensed and properly insured, before replacing a roof in Denver.  This is in place to protect the consumer and community.

If you do the work yourself please consult the set of requirements for every homeowner that is found on building codes, forms and policies page of

If hiring a contractor, please utilize the Denver roofers search engine that is provided on the building departments website. You can quickly eliminate any roofing company that isn’t listed as an approved Denver Roofer on this search engine. Only hire licensed contractors. The licensing is in place to protect you as a consumer and homeowner.


Roof permits need to be posted at the job site

  • Insert the roof permit in the large plastic sleeve that was provided by Denver’s Building Department. Post this on the exterior of the front door or on the front elevation of your home.
  • The permit type, job address and permit number are on the permit form.
  • Fill out the contractor name, address and emergency number.
  • For Homeowner permits, complete the following information including your name, address and phone number.
  • The permit must be visible from the street side of your dwelling.
  • Staple or tape the permit application to the back side of the permit. Make sure the permit is visible.


Roof inspections

The phone number to request a roof inspection is 720-865-2505.


Denver Roofing Guidelines

The following guidelines were adopted on 8-28-15. They are subject to change. Roofing companies in Denver should consult the building department before installing a new or replacing an old roof. This information provided is a guideline and in no way is it being listed as law.

  • Soffit vents and ridge vents are allowed as acceptable ventilation components of a roofing system.
  • Helpful contact number for the Denver Building Department (720) 865-7240
  • Generally, it might be possible to reaching a building inspector between 0730 and 0830 Monday through Friday.
  • Denver Building Department fax number (720)865-2675
  • It is mandatory to provide a ladder for the building inspectors. This ladder needs to be properly secured. The top rung should extend to three feet past the eave. The ladder should be tied off at the top and secured at the bottom. The homeowner or one of the Denver Roofers will need to properly set and secure the ladder for the roof inspector. The roofing contractor or homeowner should coordinate with the building department for the roof inspection.
  • As a practice we don’t recommend that anyone install two layers of roofing products. It is our current understanding that Denver still allows for two layers of roofing materials. We recommend against this practice.
  • If your home is an historic landmark you’ll have other considerations and guidelines that need to be adhered to.
  • Repairs that constitute 10% of the roof area require a roof permit.
  • Denver requires specific wind speed requirements based upon the building location. If shingles are tested, comply with and are labeled as ASTM D 7158 it appears that they can be installed anywhere throughout Denver. However, if they’re not an ASTM D 7158 product than I’d recommend that you consult with the building department or ask your Denver roofing contractor to consider applying this product.
  • A solid nailable base is required.
  • Consult with your manufacturer’s installation instructions for acceptable gaps in wood planks. I would highly recommend to every Denver roofer to never install shingles over wood planks. I guarantee you that you’ll be financially liable if you’re ever taken to litigation on whether or not the roofs deck was an acceptable nailable base.
  • Drip edge is required at gutters and exposed roof sheathing.
  • Ice and water shield is not required around the eaves. Ask your Denver roofing company to install ice and water shield, if you’re concerned.
  • Ice and water shield, metal and 90# felt are allowed for closed valley flashing.
  • Metal flashing is the only acceptable open valley flashing.
  • Double felt or ice and water shield is acceptable for low slope 2:12 – 4:12 installation.
  • Wood shakes may still be acceptable for installation in Denver. Check with building department.
  • Mid roof inspection is required for a tile roof.
  • High wind nailing is not a requirement for all areas in Denver. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC highly recommends 6-nails per shingle for every location.

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