How much does a roof cost and other concerns about roofing

How Much Does a Roof Lost?

How much does a roof cost? This is a common question from homeowners who are planning to completely replace their old roofing system. In order to properly allocate their funds, they want to have an idea about the current pricing list of materials and the overall cost of a new roof. Having an accurate answer for questions such as this one can help you obtain an inspection for the project. But you have to understand that it is impossible to know the exact amount as the price of roofing supplies and materials changes every now and then.


Before coming up with a fixed budget for the restoration of your old roofs, you might want to consider the following:


  1. Roofing-type. The biggest portion of your funds will be spent for the construction materials. There are various types of roof to choose from. Depending on your specific needs, you may select something that is resistant to fire, insects and fungus, or you may also pick a roof that can withstand violent weather conditions. These are obviously more expensive than ordinary roofs. Some occupants prefer simple but low maintenance roofing systems while others go for beauty and style regardless if it needs expensive professional care on a regular basis. How much does a roof cost? Specifically, woods are elegant and stylish but these are also pricey. It can cost you up to $20,000 for a 2000 square foot area. Other options include metal, asphalt shingle,  tiles and clay. A roofing calculator will greatly help in answering questions such as how much is the labor cost and how much does a roof cost.
  2. Labor. Hiring a roofer to perform the job for you means additional expenses. Although, you have the option to do it yourself, you still need to think about local building codes and regulations. Are you familiar with the laws governing roofing installation? Are you knowledgeable about the safety guidelines and proper gears that must be worn while installing the new roofs? Do not attempt to do the entire process on your own unless you are a carpenter or a licensed roofer. Aside from the fact that you can be inflicted with injuries, the possibility of installing it the wrong way is also high. To avoid rework, hire a reputable roofing company to install your new roofs.
  3. Shape and size of the house. Re-roofing is quite a tedious job. If the area to be covered is wider and longer than the usual, then expect to spend more for materials and labor cost. Also, irregularly shaped houses are difficult to re-roof so the roofers might charge higher service fees so be ready for that as well. In addition, if the damages are too severe, that means more work on the roofer’s part and of course, you will have to pay for the extra hours rendered for repairs.


How much does a roof cost? The answer mainly depends on the three things enlisted above. There are other factors that contribute to the cost of a roofing project. For more accurate answers, contact a trusted roofer today.

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