The Colorado Springs climate can take a toll on your roof leaving it in need of maintenance and repairs from time to time. But, how do you know when it’s time to have a professional roofing contractor like Integrity Roofing and Painting in Colorado Springs inspect your roof? Keep an eye out for the following signs that you may need a roof repair.

Colorado Springs, CO roof repair experts

Missing and Damaged Shingles

One of most common problems that Colorado Springs homeowners experience with their roofs is missing or damaged shingles. High winds and other severe weather can wreak havoc with your roof and shingles that are damaged or have completely blown off the roof can cause major problems. Your shingles are the first line of defense against the elements which means your roof underlayment and decking could sustain damage, next, if your shingles aren’t repairs.

Missing and Damaged Vents

Vents are integral to the proper function of your roof. A roof that isn’t properly ventilated can result in condensation and moisture issues inside the home as well as damage to the roof. If you notice that your vents are damaged or missing it’s time to call in a professional for a repair.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the thin sheets of metal that are used to prevent water penetration into a building. Flashing is typically installed anywhere that the roof surface meets a wall, in the valleys of the roof, around any roof protrusions, and at the roofs edges. When flashing is damaged it can allow water to leak into the home causing major water damage.

water stains on ceiling caused by roof leak Colorado Springs, CO

Interior Signs of Leaks

Even if you can’t see signs of damage to your roof it doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. Sometimes your roof will look fine to you, but you may start to notice signs of leaking in your home. It’s important to call a trusted roofing contractor like Integrity Roofing and Painting as soon as you notice these signs to prevent further damage and promptly repair the damage that’s already there. Some of the interior signs of a roof leak are:

  • Water Stains on Walls
  • Water Stains on Ceilings
  • Musty Smells from Unknown Source
  • Visible Mold or Mildew

Roof Age

The age of your roof plays an important role in deciding when to pursue a roof repair. If you have damage to the roof you’ll want to consider the cost effectiveness of repairing it in line with the age of the roof. When your roof is already close to reaching its life expectancy it could make more sense to replace it, but if you’ve got a nearly new roof that had a few shingles blow off in a bad storm it’s far more reasonable to have it repaired.

Selling Home

Potential home buyers are going to shy away from a home that has obvious problems with the roof. When you’re getting ready to sell your home it’s always a good idea to have a professional roof inspection done and follow it up with any necessary repairs or maintenance suggested.

Integrity Roofing and Painting is your go-to roof repair specialist in Colorado Springs. If you suspect your roof needs repaired, call us today for a free inspection.