The storm of chaos brewing in the residential roofing industry has culminated with a spike in questionable business ethics and unsustainable practices. In 2016 we have seen several new roofing companies in Colorado Springs that are engaging in illegal and questionable marketing decisions. There are companies and individuals selling roofs without a roofing license. Salesmen from other states expecting and demanding that we hire them after they hear of large hailstorms in Colorado Springs. There are several roofers Colorado Springs has to offer, and a homeowner may select one that illegally covers deductibles. Insurance companies are denying to pay for components that they once covered. Multiple new roofers in Colorado Springs and several seemingly established companies are stating that they will upgrade roof systems for free to a class 4 shingle. That sounds like a good deal, but in a moment I’ll explain that it’s not. Roof salesmen pursue homes that have yard signs, committing tortuous interference, in order to offer illegal incentives while using strong arm sales tactics to persuade clients from using an ethical and law abiding roofing company to hiring them. Out of town roofing installers, unfamiliar with our codes are being hired by Colorado Springs Roofing Companies without any training and they are dispatched to the field to install roofs for Colorado Springs homeowners, without supervision. Out of town storm chasing salesmen are hired by Colorado Springs roofing companies to sale and oversee roof installs without any understanding of our codes, snow loads and ice dams. Let’s take a look at several of these issues and how the homeowner is impacted by these practices. There is a lot of chaos in the Colorado roofing industry, especially after a hailstorm.

Several Roofers Colorado Springs Has to Offer are Committing Roof Deductible Insurance Fraud

This is an ongoing issue that we’ve addressed many times. It is obvious that homeowners are willing to collaborate in this crime. Even after Senate Bill 38 became law homeowners and roofing companies in Colorado Springs turned a blind eye to the legal ramifications and willingly continue to engage in this detrimental and illegal activity. If what I’ve been told is true than the good news is there are several insurance companies that have started to levy heavy fines on Denver Roofers. Fraud examiners have begun interviewing homeowners in Denver and I suspect that Colorado Springs is next. What good is the law if it’s not followed by it’s constituents? This is exciting to witness the beginning stages of accountability in this arena. If you’re a homeowner and you happen to be in public service take my advise and don’t commit roof deductible insurance fraud. If you ever run for a public office you may be exposed. If you’re a fireman, police officer, attorney, physician, school administrator, corporate officer, military officer, etc… and you are up for promotion and their is some opposition and may not take much effort for someone to discover your insurance fraud. Many insurance company fraud departments welcome homeowners participation in exposing the roofers Colorado Springs building department list as licensed roofers. It would behoove the building department to remove roofers licenses once they commit fraud. I can’t wait to see aggressive changes in this area.

Here’s how I see this issue impacting the homeowner and the Colorado roofing industry. Majority of the Colorado roofs that are replaced are due to a hail storm. Insurers’ certainly are in the know, and are aware of providers that are roofing Colorado Springs homes while cheating the industry by sending in false documents to cover deductibles. It’s the homeowners responsibility to pay their deductible to the roofer. The roofer is stealing from the insurance company with the help of the homeowner. Ultimately, the insurance companies should reduce all payments to roofers in Colorado Springs. From the insurance companies perspective they are over paying the present day fair market value. If roofers can absorb a deductible than that roofer and homeowner were overpaid. The truth of the matter is that roofer is probably cooking his books and stealing from Worker’s Comp and the I.R.S. There’s no way that insurance companies are over paying for a roof claim. The other thing that’s taking place is the roofer is hiring inferior installers or short changing the homeowner on the roof components. At the end of the day if these practices continue and go unchecked, it will drive ethical and law abiding roofers Colorado Springs has seen and known for years out of business. This would be disastrous for homeowners would only have unbridled companies to provide for their roofing needs.


Several new comers are upgrading roof systems for free to a class 4 roof. The insurance company doesn’t over pay so how can this be done?

  • Fraudulent reporting to the I.R.S.
  • False reporting to Pinnacol Insurance. if they really have workers compensation insurance.
  • False documentation of general liability and workers comp insurance.
  • Underpaying employees
  • Underpaying sub-contractors
  • Paying their workers with cash.
  • Incomplete roof systems

The fact of the matter is, I don’t see how this can be done legally. These roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, CO are cheating the system, therefore it’s not a free upgrade. It will have severe repercussions in the roofing industry.


Over the past couple weeks we have been approached by gutsy individuals and companies that have sold a lot of roofing in Colorado Springs and this people don’t have a roofing license. We are shocked at their audacity in approaching Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC to ask us to use our roofing license and to install roofs for these roofing imposters.

This is chaos at it’s finest. Unscrupulous people presenting themselves as experts in the roofing industry without proper licensing, insurance and personnel. Buyer beware!!! By now some greedy Colorado Springs roofer has agreed to this scummy activity. Pikes Peak Regional Building Department should revoke the license of a Colorado Springs roofing company that agrees to take over these illegal roof contracts. These contracts are illegal because of several provisions of Senate Bill 38.


Any good sized company, that has been roofing Colorado Springs has experienced the following scenario after a large hailstorm. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is a medium sized company that is large enough to be here decades from now and small enough to know you personally. Recently we’ve been approached by many  roof salesmen and roof installers from out of state for seasonal employment. As a legitimate Shingle Master Company we refuse to hire anyone during a hailstorm. It is not our desire to swell beyond our ability to manage and oversee our projects.

Many Colorado Springs roofing companies will hire out of town installers that have zero understanding of vulnerable roof ares resulting from our wintry environment. Two years ago there was a very large roofing company in Colorado Springs that hired out of town salesmen and roof installers. Many of their roofs were not installed according to code and as a result 30 or so roofs had to be removed and replaced. Thank God that the building department caught these issues and enforced the code with the large and well know company. I’m not bashing anyone for I will not repeat their name, my only point is that in a storm greed may take over the better part of valor and judgement. Hire a company that exercises restraint and only uses their crews and sales team.


There was a day in the not to distant past when a roof salesman would not knock on a door that had a yard sign from a Colorado Springs roofer. Today a whole different breed of salesmen exist that target roofing signs from other companies. This class of salesmen heavy arm home owners by seducing them into breaking their current contract because of a seductive offer that’s too good to be true. We’d recommend to every homeowner that once they’ve selected any one of the myriad of roofers Colorado Springs has to offer than to honor their covenant  with that company and to tell the roof solicitor, “no thanks.” These roof salesmen that try to break contracts could be prosecuted for tortuous interference.


Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC, makes roof replacements easy! We are one of the best roofing companies in Colorado Springs and will always conduct business with the utmost of integrity. Contact us for your roof replacement,  performed with integrity.