Roofers in Colorado: “Repair your roof before winter hits!”

Why it pays to act early when it comes to repairing your Colorado roof

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November is here which means fall is about to give way to winter, and roofers in Colorado know that this is the time to make repairs to your Colorado roof. Winter brings with it many challenges and hazards to your home, many of which being directed at your home’s first line of defense; your roof. If you are thinking that your roof could use some reinforcement, it’ll prove prudent to make those reinforcements before winter hits and your roof begins its defense against the ice, snow, and general Colorado blistering cold winter weather. In this post we’ll look at why roofers in Colorado reccomend that roof repairs be made before winter comes into full effect.

Working in the cold is no fun

If you’re planning to do your own roof repairs, it is particularly important to get going before winter hits, as working on your roof in the cold can be a miserable and difficult undertaking. Cold temperatures make working on you roof a more dangerous endeavor as the cold causes your natural reactions to slow, and increases the likelihood for ice on your roof which could cause you to loose your footing and injure yourself. If you are not planning on doing your own roof repairs, going with a roofer in Colorado instead, it still pays to act early. The last thing you want is a crew of workers rushing through the job in order to get out of the cold weather.

Asphalt shingles are more easily damaged in cold temperatures

Most residential roofs utilize asphalt shingles as their outer roof layer and first line of defense against the elements. Asphalt shingles tend to become brittle when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, which spells trouble during replacement, as it becomes far more likely that they will crack or even break completely during installation. This causes even further trouble down the road, as water will seep into the cracks, freeze, and cause the shingle to expand and the crack to become bigger and more problematic. Repair your roof during the mild Colorado fall, and avoid all of this mess.

At Integrity Roofing and Painting we are confident in our ability to effectively repair or replace your home’s roof during any of the Colorado seasons. However, we are roofers in Colorado who do recommend that if your roof needs repairs to not wait until the middle of winter to act, as this only makes the job more difficult and possible less effective.