Legalities of roofing in Denver

Roofing in Denver

Have you ever wondered why insurance companies deny roof claims? Most people would say that this is a horrible thing to do, specially if the claimant is in dire need of a total roof replacement. Most victims of hail storms, blizzards and other types of natural disasters would normally request for a major roof repair or restoration service if the adverse weather condition had destroyed their entire roofing system. But not all claims can be granted by the insurance provider making them the villain in times like this.


The legalities of roofing in Denver is more complicated than in other cities in the US. For one thing, Denver is known to have an extreme climate. This means that in one whole year, residents expect not just one hail storm and not just one occurrence of blizzard. They have to expect the unexpected. There are years when hailstorms are so bad, hundreds of residential constructions are totally demolished. With  this situation, insurance providers have become very strict in granting roof claims to ensure that the cause of roof damages is really natural and is not a fraud.


It is easy to conclude that these insurance companies are only trying to run away from their obligations. After all, the main goal of any business is to earn profits, right? You might even think that they probably don’t want to shell out huge amounts of cash for roofing contractor fees and keep the money to themselves. Wrong. This belief is not entirely true. There are a lot of well-reputed insurance providers in the US and declining your request for a roof replacement does not automatically mean that they are a scam.


Remember that roofing in Denver involves building codes and other standards set by the authorities. First of all, you will have to establish a lot of things before you can receive your check. If your roofs collapsed right after a blizzard, there are two basic things that you need to prove:


  1. Your roofing systems are properly installed. There are instances when a roof will easily collapse even if the hailstorm is only mild. If it is proven that poor installation is the reason why the roof was not able to withstand the harsh weather, it will be a good reason for the insurance provider to decline the claims. This generally takes a long investigation process and sometimes, involvement of attorneys and law practitioners is necessary to settle the issue.
  2. Another thing that makes roofing in Denver complex is that the homeowner will have to prove that the damage was caused by the violent hail storm and not by the high winds. The insurance company will only pay for what is written in the contract. If your agreement is that they will pay for destruction caused by hailstorms, it  means that they have no obligation to pay for damages brought by strong winds or lightnings.


The legalities of roofing in Denver with regards to claims and settlements are intricate. It is better to consult the matter with a licensed Denver roofer and a lawyer to know if you are qualified to claim a financial assistance for the roofing repair fees.