This is a popular question at this time of year.

Is it Safe to Install Roofs throughout the Entire Year in Colorado?

You can install roofs all year long throughout most of Colorado! There are days that it will not be warm enough for our company to replace a  roof. I’ll tell you more in a moment.

Does the Temperature Matter?

Snow on the roof

Typically, as long as we get temps that are 40 degrees and higher it is safe to install roofs. If the temps are below 40 degrees there is a possibility that the shingle will not seal , so we may stop the installation and come back on a day that is warm enough to make sure the shingles will seal properly. There are multiple items that we take into consideration before we begin a roof install. It’s important for the Colorado Springs Roofer to monitor the weather of the specific location in which the roof is to be installed. Even in the Springs temperatures and weather vary tremendously from one part of town to the next. Many times in the Winter snowfall may occur along the front range while the south eastern corner of Colorado Springs is experiencing a nice 40 degree blue bird day with very little wind. In the image to the left, there is entirely too much snow on the roof. Even if the temps are above 40 degrees the roofer needs to wait for the majority of the snow to melt. The average temps for Jan, Feb, and March in Colorado Springs is 43-48 degrees. Let’s recap some of the winter weather conditions that we look for in considering whether or not we will install an asphalt shingle. The temperature, wind, sunshine and snow all play a part in determine whether it’s safe to install a roof. Not only are we concerned about the day of the install, but the following day may be equally as important.


Consider the Roofing Material

The roofing material certainly plays apart on the limitations of each product and how each material is impacted by winter weather. Cement, tile, metal, slate and wood can be installed in colder temperatures without any ill impact on the installation. The biggest consideration in bitterly cold weather is for the roof installers. If they’re extremely uncomfortable it would be more productive and safe to wait for a warmer day.

Any Issues for Installing Roofs in the Summer?Large Thunder storm

Warm weather and summer time in Colorado is known for high winds, hail and lightning. Every Colorado Springs roofer should be award of our violent summer time weather. We have to keep an eye to the sky during the summer to make sure that we’re not caught unaware. Our installers are trained to only remove a reasonable amount of material at any one time. Once material is removed we begin to dry in the area. It is our goal to diligently safe guard our clients property, therefore we are careful with the amount of exposure that an uncovered roof has during the course of the day. Whether it’s summer time or winter we advise that every roofer should always have tarps on hand. In addition, asphalt roofs are easier to scuff in the summer and roofers should attempt to minimize scuffing shingles by utilizing foam rubber and carpet pads.


So for the most part we can install roofs all year round!

Here at Integrity Roofing and Painting we make sure that the weather is working for us and not against us at a home that is getting a new roof. It is great to be in a state that has great temps for roofs to be installed all year around.