Castle Rock CodeCastle Rock code plansI’ll begin this post by sharing some of our own guidelines before preceding with Castle Rock, Colorado roofing codes. We would like to state that in our humble opinion, some of the following recommendations which should be standard are ones that you should enforce with your Castle Rock roofer. Some of the following guidelines may not be recognized or enforced by Castle Rock, CO codes, however the following items may eliminate a future leak or worse yet, the need to litigate against a Castle Rock roofing company or the building department. It will not be the responsibility of the insurance company to abide by any codes other than local codes. The following items are roofing components and procedures that you may want to spring for:



I highly recommend the following procedures and integral components to be included by your Castle Roof roofing contractor into your roof scope. Without some of the following items your home may fail to shed water or experience issues with ice dams.

  • Some of the local roofing companies in Castle Rock may be satisfied with installing roofing materials on top of old materials. Even if code were to allow this procedure, we recommend that all materials including the roof underlayment to be stripped to the bare wood. I will insert a caveat, if there is a threat for bad weather and the homeowner pushed for a particular install date than it may be wise to leave the existing underlayment to minimize the potential of interior damage in the event of a down pour.
  • One of the reasons why we like to remove the underlayment is to inspect the decking. The original decking may have some water intrusion which resulted in wood rot, deterioration or delimitation of OSB sheathing or CDX plywood. The water soaked or damaged decking must be removed and replaced. There are times that we know in advance by walking on the roof surface that we have to replace decking and at other times we discover issues. Rarely do we find issues on newer homes. Most of the time decking issues are on older homes. Occasionally, a builder defect or architect’s flaw will inevitably result in damage to the decking. Overall, we think it’s a good idea to remove the existing underlayment for a thorough inspection.


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  • All roof nails are to be removed or pounded flush prior to installing the underlayment.
  • Water proof underlayment is to be applied in valley transitions. This product is far superior to traditional 90# felt or a double row of felt. Ice and water shield is standard on everyone of our roof valleys.
  • We recommend that the homeowner pay to upgrade for installing ice and water shield on the eaves of the home. This product would be the last line of defense against ice dams. Many code departments overlook this product in code requirements, therefore a roofing company in Castle Rock is not required to install this product in a vulnerable area, such as the roof eave. All of the front range experiences ice dams with as much as 8-12″ inches of ice forming on homes in Castle Rock, Colorado during the winter.
  • Install all new pipe flashings.
  • Install new roof vents for ventilating the attic space. It should be unacceptable to salvage old vents.
  • As a standard practice we no longer install traditional felt. This archaic product is an organic paper saturated in asphalt. It provides very little tear resistance and protection against water. Synthetic underlayment is a free standard upgrade for every Integrity Roofing and Painting roof installation.
  • Rake metal and gutter aprons are highly recommended, however many jurisdictions don’t require this product.
  • All fasteners are to be corrosion resistant.
  • Shingle fasteners are to be installed flush.
  • Every roof should be build with 6-nails per shingle. We go the extra mile and every roof is installed this way. 
  • Windstorm starter is an essential element on both rakes and eaves and Integrity Roofing and Painting includes this product on every roof. The homeowner doesn’t have to pay anything extra for this.
  • Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC installs dedicated ridge and hip shingles. Local building code may be satisfied with 3-tab shingles.
  • When it comes to installing shingles Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will only install laminated shingles. We highly recommend against 3-tab shingles. Ask your local roofer or Denver roofing company to install a laminated shingle.


Castle Rock, CO Roofing Code

Castle Rock building code department is locate at 100 North Wilcox Street, castle Rock, CO 80104. There phone number is 720-733-3527 and fax 720-733-2207. You can find the city of Castle Rock online by clicking here.

  • The city of Castle Rock adheres to the 2012 International Residential Code and the 2012 IBC.
  • Permit must be displayed on the front elevation.
  • Castle Rock building department requires all roofing materials to be removed including felt.
  • The required wind speed exposure C is required for all shingle installations. The 2012 IRC list a 100 Mile per hour 3-second gust while requiring a op mph basic wind speed. ASTM D 3161 classified shingles, class F are acceptable for use in all conditions where special fastening is required.
  • Ice and water shield is not required on the eaves with a caveat of, if there is a history of ice dams resulting in water back up than ice and water shield will be required to be installed to within two feet of the inside of the exterior wall.
  • Drip edge is required on the eaves.
  • Drip edge is not required on the rakes.
  • A mid-roof inspection is required and the manufacturer’s shingle packaging will need to be available and presented to the building inspector. The manufacturer’s shingles installation instructions will need to be on the shingle wrapper.
  • The permit holder will not to cancel the inspection if the roof is wet or has snow on it.
  • The roof has to be completely dried in prior to calling for a mid-roof inspection, additionally 5-rows of shingles are to be installed for inspection purposes.
  • The permit holder is required to secure the ladder according to OSHA standards, prior to the inspectors showing.
  • Written permission granting access to the roof must be posted at the front door or someone must be home.
  • Solid sheathing is required for fastening of asphalt shingles.
  • Special instructions for low slope roofs. Asphalt shingles can be installed on a 2:12 or greater slope. between 2-4 pitched roofs double underlayment is required per R905.2.7 of the IRC.
  • Underlayment shall conform to ASTM D 226 Type 1, ASTM D 4869 Type 1, or ASSTM D 6757.
  • ASTM D 1970 standards are required for self adhering mod bit.
  • ASTM D 225 or D 3462 are required for shingles.
  • 15# felt that meets U.L. standards for Castle Rock is an acceptable underlayment.
  • A cricket must be installed on 30″ or greater chimneys.
  • Contact your building department for open soffits.

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