Oct 24, 2017 | Roofing Colorado Springs

Please drop off unwrapped new toys and/or gift cards at 115 N. Union Blvd in Colorado Springs.

The toy drive is from October 30 – December 1, 2017.

Our doors will be open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
We will be closed November 22-24 for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Toy Drive

Christmas Toy Drive drop off location 115 N Union Blvd

Christmas Toy Drive drop

Please drop off toys at 115 N Union Blvd

We are excited to be able to bring hope, love and toys to kids and families in our community this Christmas. It’s been said, “It’s better to give than to receive.” I can tell you from experience that giving to others releases joy into my heart. This Christmas season Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is asking you to join us in a new narrative by giving to those in need in our community. Beginning October 30, 2017 we are launching a Christmas toy drive and we would love for you to participate. Our doors are open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and we are inviting you to drop off new unwrapped toys at our office at 115 N Union Blvd in Colorado Springs. It is our desire to reach as many needy families and especially single moms this season. We love people and there are many hurting families in our community. Many Mothers are stretched to their limits financially and are unable to provide Christmas gifts for their children. This is where we can help out in a tremendous way. The more toys that are donated the more people we can reach.

Integrity Missions has been helping people in our community for years, but my heart is broken. We have not been able to impact people as much as we would like. My heart aches over the number of teen suicides in El Paso County. Our missions team will be looking to connect with youth this season. We have a team of several Pastors and Counselors that work with Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC. As we are distributing toys to kids we would like to be able to hand out $25 gift cards to teenagers. Realizing that money is not going to change a teenager, but a gift from a stranger will peak their curiosity. It is at this time that we pray open doors will be made so our Pastors and Counselors can speak life into the hearts of teens that we meet. Please consider donating $25 pre-paid gift cards this season. Our team has been used by God to rescue people from desperate situations in the past and we know we will be used in this season to speak life into broken hearts. Your $25 Visa pre-paid gift card may be the very thing that unlocks the door to a teens heart and helps to rescue their life.

Christmas can be an exciting time for many, but for others it can be an incredibly depressing time. Mothers and Fathers may become depressed if they are not able to financially purchase gifts for their kids. Many people feel over looked, unimportant and unloved. There are many lonely and hurting people in Colorado Springs and we can make a difference. We want to impact everyone that we meet. Integrity Missions will be giving cookies or small bags of popcorn to the adults and we will love on them too. No one is going to be excluded from this Christmas conspiracy of kindness. We want to love on all people. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will be providing the gifts for the adults. We will need toys and gift cards for kids and teens.

Our team also consists of 2 Praise and Worship Ministers that will be leading a group of carolers as we go door to door sharing Christmas cheer. If Santa Clause is available we are going to invite him to come. This is going to be a grand time. We do not have a set date for distribution for it is our desire that we will have an over flow of toys requiring multiple trips. If we start receiving a large number of toys in early November we will begin distributing toys in November. If we receive many toys, we are going to provide single moms that are in need with enough toys for Christmas morning. This is our desire. Please help make this a reality.

There are several things that will make this toy drive different. We are going to take the toys to the community to love on people where they live. Our Christmas carolers will be singing of good cheer. Pastors and counselors will be passing out the toys and praying for people. We will also identify families that have special needs in which we hope to help with additional toys for all of their kids. My hearts desire is that we will be used by God to rescue teens from suicide this season.

Many people are desperate and we know the answer. The greatest rescue mission came to fruition 2,000 years ago to save that which was lost. Jesus Christ so desires that everyone know Him and it is our desire as Christians to make Jesus known this Christmas. We will rescue lives this season and you are invited into this story.

Please drop off unwrapped new toys and/or gift cards at 115 N. Union Blvd in Colorado Springs. The toy drive is from October 30 – December 1, 2017. Our doors will be open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. We will be closed November 22-24 for Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas