Colorado Client Testimonials

May 11, 2011 | Roofing Denver, Uncategorized

Colorado Client Testimonials

I want to tell you about one of the many Colorado Roofing clients that I had great joy working with lives near Stetson Hills and Austin Bluffs. My client was not looking for a roofer in Colorado Springs, as a matter of fact his interests for a contractor that provided services for Colorado Springs roofing was far from his mind.  I remember meeting my client back in December. It’s important to hire a good Colorado Springs Roofer.

He was outside working in his garage.  He mentioned to me that he had seen a couple different Colorado Springs roofers working along his street after the 2010 July, 4th, Colorado Springs hail storm. Being the cautious and careful home owner that he was he decided to wait to sign any contract with any Colorado Springs Roofer right away.  I recall our client saying he was glad he waited because the other roofing companies seemed to be in a hurry with their work and it reflected in their process.  One in particular had to be re-roofed completely a second time because of how poorly it was installed the first time.

Another resident on the street had collateral damage from the storm. These extraneous repair items on the exterior of their home were paid by the insurance company. These monies were intended to repair the gutters and repaint one wall on the house. The hail in that area exceeded golf ball size causing damage to windows, gutters and siding.  This particular resident I’m speaking of signed with a Colorado Roofer that didn’t explain to them the insurance loss summary statement provided by their insurance company.  To make a long story short; this roofer took the additional money for the exterior damage along with the intended roofing portion of the insurance contract.  The only work the roofer did was in fact the roof. Before releasing insurance funds to a contractor, familiarize yourself with protocols of the insurance industry.

By the time Integrity Roofing And Painting came along, our client was not interested in another Colorado Springs roofing company. He was skeptical at first, his neighbors were burned, who wouldn’t be skeptical? After awhile he warmed up to me and began sharing some of his concerns and needs.  He allowed me to look at his roof and mentioned to me that he’d also like to get his house painted, however his insurance only paid for one side.  After looking at our client’s property and comparing his insurance loss summary with my findings I knew he needed some help. At this time he allowed me to explain the insurance process to him. I reminded him of how busy adjusters are and that some items of importance were overlooked. Knowing what I know of this industry I figured it would be a good idea to have an adjuster reassess his claim. My client trusted our advise and called the claim center to ask for the property to be re-inspected.

This particular Colorado Springs July 4, 2010 hail event occurred during three separate events. The hail started falling during the afternoon from the first round of storms. It stopped after the last round of storms in the evening.  I met with the adjuster who was reassessing the property damage.  I provided an inspection to his insurance company for the work we deemed necessary to restore the house to the original state prior to the hail storm.  “That’s why we have insurance right”?

After discussing the scope of paint work with the adjuster he agreed to pay Integrity Roofing And Painting to paint all sides of the house.  My client was very excited that his wife was finally able to change the paint color on the house. Their gutter was in need of repair and the adjuster paid to replace it. What started as a problem became a blessing.

They couldn’t be more pleased with how we handled all aspects of their project. He was excited to work with a Colorado Springs Roofer who was able to repair all of the storm damage. Our client was glad that he waited for the right contractor.  I believe the word used was perfect.  “Everything is perfect!”