Colorado Springs Roofer | Coronavirus

Apr 14, 2020 | Roofing Colorado Springs

With current standards for social distancing every Colorado Springs roofer should adjust how the roofing team tears off existing roofs, cleans existing roofs, installs underlayment, flashing and the balance of the roof system. Most crews have developed long term practices founded in team work. This is a core foundation for most organizations. It will be a challenge for roof installers to stay six feet away from each other.

Colorado Springs roofers will need to develop new practices in this season to avoid unnecessary contact with one another.

Many roof installers have long standing practices within their structures. Some crews are structured to where the newest team members to the veterans all pitch in and remove shingles, underlayment and flashing on the same roof slope. We like this process and many if not almost every Colorado Springs roofer practices this process to some degree or another. One of the big benefits of removing shingle debris and the old roof system one slope at a time is for part of the team to drop by and begin to clean the deck and than to install roof underlayment.

We are going to do our best to work with our teams to practice social distancing and to help the redesign their system to meet government standards at this time. Colorado Springs roofers will need to develop new practices in this season to avoid unnecessary contact with one another. Integrity Roofing and Painting prefers for the roofing team to work together during the tear off.

Integrity Roofing and Painting is practicing social distancing

We will do our part to develop new systems that still allows us to remove the existing roof quickly and to cover it before a weather related event has an opportunity to create a problem.

This new way will be a juggling act in this season for roofers. I hope that everyone takes this seriously at this time. The roofing foreman will need to be a competent person and willing to confront the team as necessary to help prevent the potential spread of coronavirus while balancing the need to protect the structure from potential water penetration.

I would rather doubt that any roofing company in Colorado Springs had a contingency plan for social distancing on the roof. Integrity Roofing and Painting is practicing social distancing in our office and we have reduced the number of people in the office at this time. In addition, everyone is practicing continual hand washing and sanitizing of work spaces.

Transportation During the Pandemic

One of the areas where Colorado Springs roofers need to modify is transportation. Most roof installers ride together. This may need to change in order to meet more stricter restrictions mandated by governing jurisdictions. I highly suggest that roofers begin to drive their personal vehicles to job sites rather than ride sharing at this time.

Homeowners should exercise grace with roofers for showing in 4-10 vehicles rather than 1-2 trucks at this time. This is certainly challenging for wooded suburban properties if everyone in the crew wants to park in a driveway. I’d highly recommend for Colorado Springs roofers to park on the street at this time rather than the driveway. For the most part we already practice parking on streets rather than driveways unless it is rural in the drives are long.

Integrity is taking it Seriously

I’m hoping that roofers will take this seriously at this time. We come from many different backgrounds, cultures, nations and experiences. This is not the time for bravery or to be fool hearty. We are all being called upon to do our part and our part we should do. However, everyone should be gracious for many segments of our society have no fear.

Currently one of the buzzwords is that millennials have no fear and that it’s only the older population that’s really at danger. This may be so, but it’s all above my pay grade and everyone is being called upon to make sacrifices at this time. I am asking all of my fellow roofers to cooperate with these guidelines and do the best we can in this system to modify our current and historical ways of roof production.

We are all looking forward to transitioning back into the American way here in Colorado. The sooner this virus is mitigated and hopefully eradicated we can go back to business.

Metal Roofing Materials from China

I know that no one fully knows the economic and social impact of coronavirus to Colorado and the nations on earth. Most if not all metal roofing products are made in China. I would imagine we may see a significant shortage of materials nation wide as we enter into storm season. There may be other raw materials that I’m not aware of that go into the production of asphalt shingles, synthetic underlayment and self adhering underlayment that are from China. This is a national and world wide shaking and everyone will be impacted by this virus in one fashion or another. We will soon begin to fill the impact of roofing shortages over the summer. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

Integrity Has a Solid Financial Foundation

Roofing companies in Colorado Springs that have not been built on a solid foundation may become obsolete. I’ve been in business for several decades and we’ve structured Integrity Roofing and Painting with layers of contingencies. We expect the unexpected and have planned for such a time as this. We believe that this is only the beginning of world wide shakings to come. We are prepared for a big recession, however a depression is another thing entirely.

We believe that this year will reveal the weak sports in roofing companies in Colorado and it will reveal character in this season. You can rest assured that we will continue to exercise integrity in all of our transactions as we always have. Our team is prepared and able to service your roofing needs during this season.

I’m afraid that installers working for Colorado Springs roofing companies may experience difficulty in the future. Historically during downturns I have seen companies rob from Peter to pay Paul. We have systems in place to where all monies are in a trust used for materials and labor. I’m afraid that the very thing that people are afraid of will ending hurting them. Legitimate Colorado Springs roofing companies should hold deposits in trusts thereby running a solid well economically balanced business. 

During this season roofing companies that require no money down will go out of business as homeowners choose to defraud these companies of their money. Here at Integrity Roofing and Painting we’re looking to continue our win, win model that has made us one of the best and strong roofing companies in Colorado.