Oct 14, 2016 | Insurance Claims, Why Choose Us?

How will they know unless one speaks? This is a question that needs answers and must be raised in every industry in our society. With the rising subjective views of relativism everything goes, or does it? Certainly if you’re the recipient of a negative action than your honest subjective opinion is that it was bad. Let’s be real, for you it’s no longer subjective it is an objective experience. No longer is it in the ethereal realm for you were encountered in real time and space and for you it was an objective experience. However, if one benefits from an experience while another is hurt than the experience for one is good and the other is bad. Why should we think that we’ve done well when it’s not a win, win situation? We should not separate right and wrong from business. Everyone that enters into a covenantal relationship or contract should equally benefit. No one should be unequally yoked. Every relations should be a win, win situation.


I’m hear to tell you that the emperor is naked and no one is telling him. There are Colorado Springs roofers and homeowners that are stealing from insurance companies and everyone seems to act like it’s okay. As a regular Joe the Roofer, I’m here to say with a prophetic voice to this generation and to Colorado Springs that it’s not okay for you to illegally benefit from the insurance company. If you think it’s okay than just wait to see what your children do. Every generation builds upon the past generation. I only hope that the generation learns to not reproduce the greed that they are witnessing in their parents. Sure they may not actually see the full manifestation of their parents, yet don’t be fooled it will show up for the things of the heart can not be hidden. I love people, and I hate to see greed manifested; for it’s insatiable once it has been given birth.


There are several legitimate Colorado Springs Roofers that operate their businesses with structures of integrity that follow rules and abide in the law of the land. They will not compromise their integrity for greed. They find their integrity is based upon truth and they will not compromise what’s right and wrong for money or convenience. Yes, integrity is not relative it’s objective and the source of real integrity is only found in the Bible. Several Colorado Springs roofing companies are against insurance deductible fraud and I’m hoping to see a movement toward righteousness in our industry and to witness men and women being transformed.


Homeowners’ are not innocent victims when it comes to roof deductible insurance fraud. As a matter of fact it’s the homeowner that is perpetuating this corruption. The Better Business Bureau will not address this issue, nor will the news stations. All accounts from both the BBB and news media render the homeowner as an innocent victim. That’s not true. Here in Colorado Springs roughly 33% of every prospective customer will ask us, “what about my deductible?” When we respond that they can pay for their deductible with check or credit card they get agitated.” We didn’t take the bait for they know that it’s illegal and they want me to cross the line. We don’t cross the line nor do we meet them half way. Now they have to tell me exactly what they mean and this tactful homeowner now either divulges their true intent of fraud or tip toes around the issues with a story. We’ve heard it all and it’s become hilarious with the masterful conversations that we’ve heard over the years. Homeowners are really artful in sharing their expectations that roofers are to commit the insurance fraud, however the homeowner wants nothing to do with it. Homeowners’ actually say, “I want commit insurance fraud, but you will, if you want my business.” This is so wicked and disastrous to our children. Whatever the parents do, the kids will do unless their eyes are opened. Remember, I already said the emperor is naked and everyone has closed their eyes to the truth. What will you do? Imagine where our kids will be like with the kind of moralistic thinking that is prevalent in our society today.


This is not the fault of roofers in Colorado Springs. Most of the roofers don’t have the same moral compass that I have. Many homeowners in Colorado Springs were raised with a Judeo-Christian view, yet they are willing to compromise right and wrong for money. I’m not judging anyone I’m telling you biblical perspective and personal objective experiences that are not ethereal in nature. Colorado Springs homeowners must choose to do what’s right are corruption will persist. It’s a homeowners greed that invites roofers into corruption. It’s not funny when I hear the sweet little mom state, ‘I’m going to do what’s best for my family.” That’s code work for I need a roofer that will collaborate with me in committing fraud so I can steal from the insurance company and use the money on a family vacation. Wow, I really said that and I did because it’s social moralistic relativism that is justified because my family benefits. Hey, that’s wrong no matter your age, sex or color.


For the homeowner their one little time of infidelity with the insurance company may appear to be small. The problem for a Colorado Springs roofer is that he is being asked to prostitute his values every time he commits fraud. It is the continual process of lying that hardens a roofers perspective to right and wrong. How can you as a homeowner trust a roofer in Colorado Springs that is constantly lying to the insurance company? With a seared conscience, how can you trust a Colorado Springs roofing company that trains everyone on staff to lie? It would be foolish on a homeowners’ part to think that the roofer will not lie to them, if they regularly lie by sending fraudulent invoices to the insurance company. This is how it’s done and there’s no denying it. Integrity can not be compartmentalized or lived in a vacuum. You either have it or you don’t.

These questions are logical and reasonable. If one looks at the facts with a clear conscience than it would make sense to not employ a corrupt roofer in Colorado Springs.

Ethics Matter

Living rightly according to truth really matters. If it’s the law, honor it. If you have to pay the deductible, pay it. If it’s a red light, stop. If it’s green, go. The law makes sense, so follow it. Right lives really do matter. Roofing companies in Colorado Springs that are conducting business by the book should matter to the community. The truth is most of the Colorado Springs roofers that play the book are penalized and it would be difficult for them to ever grow beyond a medium sized company. It’s hard for many homeowners to not cheat and steal. Additionally, roofing companies with integrity grow slowly for they have to find other solid people to work for them. Lastly, they will grow slowly because they don’t cover deductibles. Most of the time, all you have to do is look at who has the most yard signs on every block after a hailstorm and you’ll know whose corrupt.

Colorado Springs Roofers With Integrity

There are roofers in Colorado Springs that exercise their business with the utmost integrity. As a whole we don’t see ourselves as the victims of corruption. I think we do see ourselves as ministers of roofing. Even today in other nations profession business people use the title of minister in their trade.  I know of several roofing companies in Colorado Springs that are conducting themselves with integrity, but they are rare.


The youth in our nation are watching, learning and reproducing what our generation has done. We need good role models of righteousness. I challenge everyone that reads this simple article to pursue righteousness. This generation matters and the unborn children matter. What we do today will either build up or tear down future generations. I for one desire to build up the next generation. It is my desire to see children of hope and destiny and not children of despair and hopelessness. May we all be transformed by revival in our business structures, schools and homes.


Colorado Springs roofing companies and homeowners enter into a win, win relationship when the roofer installs the best roof and the homeowner pays their deductible. The homeowner has a covenant with the insurance company to pay the deductible to the roofer. The roofer deserves to make a profit if the company is to remain solvent. The only way to sustain the roofing business for Colorado Springs roofers is for them to get paid the present day market value for a roof installation. Honest roofers will not cover deductibles and they deserve to be paid the proper amount.


Of course, your doctor will not do this, nor should you expect a roofing company in Colorado Springs to do the same. Homeowner’s it’s up to you to protect yourself by doing what’s right. Good luck with selecting a roofer that you can trust.