There are many different reasons why people have problems with their roofs in the winter.

roof leakCommon Roof Problems in the Winter

I will explain a couple in depth, so that you can prepare and look out for these problems. Enjoy!

1. Roof Leak

  • For sloped roofs, improper installation or high winds and rain can loosen the flashing and cause it to pull away. Flashing Inspections can be conducted before the winter’s first storm to make sure that it is ready for what the weather has to offer. If it is not ready, flashing is inexpensive to fix, so getting it replaced before the storms is very worth it.
  • If your home has a flat roof, you may see leaks at locations where there are drains. This is normally because the drains outside have not been maintained. When the drain becomes clogged, drainage is slowed.

2. Ice Damming

  • During the winter, drains can fill up with ice and when this happens, it stops the flow of normal drainage. As the water backs up behind the ice, the drainage can get under your roof and leak into your home. To avoid this, remove the snow from your roof.Snow on the roof

3. Snow shovels

  • Some people make the mistake of using a normal snow shovel for the roof. This is extremely dangerous and can cause major damage and leakage to the roof. Sometimes to avoid this, people may use rakes, but that still may cause a little bit of a problem.

4. Christmas Lights

  • The one mistake that homeowners make during the Christmas season is fastening their lights directly onto the roof. This can cause the roof to have a reduced life and cause leaking.  One thing you could do here is to hire a professional to put the lights on your home. Sometimes is expensive, but if you can afford it, it is extremely worth it.

5. Debris Removal

  • During the fall, many trees and other debris tend to fall onto the roofs of house. These need to be cleared up before winter happens. This is because fallen debris can roll around and cause leakage and other severe roofing problems.

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I really hope this post has helped you. I really want others to know what to watch out for so they do not have to replace or fix a roof in the middle of the winter! If you need help with any roofing needs, please contact Integrity Roofing and Painting and book you appointment today!