Cost to replace roof vs. cost to repair roof

Oct 17, 2011 | roof repair

Cost to replace roof vs. cost to repair roof

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We recently addressed the question of the cost to replace roof, and the factors involved with formulating that total. Today I wanted to look at a broad comparison of cost to replace roof versus the cost to repair a roof, as well as the different factors that go into each estimation. While we probably wont be able to nail down an exact price for your cost questions, we can certainly establish the relevant factors to consider in each, as well as things that may help determine whether your roof needs a few simple repairs, or, an all out replacement.

Cost to replace roof

Explaining the cost to replace roof comes down to the specifics of your roof such as square footage, pitch of the roof, accessibility, required roofing material, labor force, removal of the old roof (if deemed necessary), and roofing permit and city license. Once you have nailed down all of these variables, you can research specific pricing and formulate a fairly accurate inspection for your roof. The average roof replacement costs anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000, which isn’t helpful at all! It all depends of the specifications and requirements of your particular roof.

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Cost to repair roof

When you need to repair some shingles due to either damage cause by severe weather, or just the natural aging of your roof, it’s important to have a good idea of how much work and materials will be involved in order to choose the right solution to pursue. To repair a 10 foot by 10 foot square of asphalt shingles ( which is considered one square of roofing) typically costs about $100-$350 when contracting a roofing company. Repairing just a few missing or broken asphalt shingles using a handyman service typically costs about $95-$127. Additional repair costs may include flashing, which is the metal stripping used as a barrier between roofing material and chimneys or skylights on the roof, and vally roof flashing which is used anywhere on a roof where slopes create a valley where water drains off. When the former need replacing your looking at about $300 to $500 in costs. The latter runs about $15 to $20 per linear foot.

How do I know whether my roof only needs repairing or if it needs a full replacement?

The best advise we can give here is to contact Integrity Roofing and Painting for a free inspection of your roof’s damage. Unless you have a solid background and knowledge of roofing, you’ll want to leave this evaluation up to the pros.