Customer reviews matter to us at Integrity Roofing and Painting.

One of our core values is to provide excellent customer service.

How many of us on a day to day basis leave a business and think “wow, I should leave a review!”? Probably slim to none. Many of us are asked to leave a review, and when that time comes we are quick to say that we will when we have the opportunity, or sincerely think to ourselves we will leave it later that day or the following. The truth of it is that people are busy with their day to day tasks and duties so it completely slips their minds. There are some people who don’t want to risk their reputation by reviewing a company if another is to have a different experience.

The question is, why are these reviews so important? How are they beneficial?

We will speak on these questions in just a minute!

Nowadays, there are many different websites or social media platforms that encourage people to leave reviews, whether they are good or bad! The most common platforms are google, facebook, yelp or the BBB.

Google is known as the go to site, so all it takes is a business search via the most common search engine and you’re able to see the company’s reviews on the main page along with details about that specific company. Google allows consumers to rate the business using stars one through five, along with entering a blurb regarding their experience.

Yelp on the other hand, while very similar, has top reviewers or “yelpers.” These top reviewer’s experiences and reviews are posted at the top of the yelp page of the company that is being reviewed. Sometimes Yelp will actually choose not to show certain reviews because the person leaving the review is not a frequent “yelper.” Companies are however able to respond to reviews posted via both of these sites.

The Better Business Bureau is also a highly favored site for reviewing companies. The reason being is that the BBB has been around for many, many years and they closely review who is an actual consumer or customer of that company. This is highly beneficial for companies because it rids of false reviews or false information. False reviews are sometimes left by others in the same industry or even by accident while looking for a different company maybe with a similar name.

A highly favored platform some of us here at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC prefer is a platform called “NextDoor.” NextDoor provides a hub for reviews and recommendations for companies or services in your specific area or neighborhood. This is incredibly beneficial for local companies to help spread the word of great business!

As a highly rated Colorado Springs roofer we love our customer reviews and the way we treat our clients.

Bad experiences are more likely and more often to gain reviews from upset customers with bad experiences over those that encounter a good or pleasant experience by nature. An unpleasant experience can leave consumers with a bad taste in their mouths, and the first thing they think of is to warn others in the community or friends and family of what they encountered.

While bad reviews are beneficial to consumers, it is also important to include details and allow that company the time or opportunity to try to make things right. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone’s situations or experiences are the same and sometimes there might be important details that need to be included in the review.

Brightlocal did a study and it showed that 91% of consumers read online reviews regularly and 86% wouldn’t even consider using a company if they had two or less stars as their rating!

“We have now used Integrity Roofing twice – once for the home we live in and the other for a home we rent out. We have been so pleased with their quality of work and attention to details. Their good communication throughout both services have helped us to know that we can trust them and the work they are doing!” – Jay H.

Positive reviews are an incredible marketing tool.

Keep in mind, people don’t just leave reviews to leave reviews. You, as the salesperson, owner, manager, whomever, must give a consumer a reason to leave a review! Mediocre is never the way. Positive reviews are helpful in opening the first impression for a business. Not only do positive reviews benefit the actual company, they also benefit the salesperson or entire team as a whole. They welcome other consumers or clients to feel that they can trust and rely on this business for their needs or wants in that specific market.

BrightLocal’s study from the above section also showed that 91% of 18 to 34-year old people trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. Roofing, in particular, is a very large market. In El Paso County alone, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department had 722 licensed roofers in 2019. Positive reviews set one company apart from the next and that is why it is so important to leave reviews not just for bad experiences, but also for the good or great experiences you might encounter.

Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC happens to have over 400 reviews via google! That is a lot of reviews! Based upon the number of reviews we are a highly rated Colorado Springs roofer.

“Yes! The thing that impressed me about Integrity Roofing was not only the excellent job they did in roofing our property (they fast, proficient, and clean), but also their helpful follow through and administrative support as we worked with insurance to accommodate changing circumstances. They’re the kind of people you like to do business with!” – Steven B.

More and more people are paying attention to reviews. Reviews are a huge influence on consumer’s decisions on a daily basis. Negative reviews can really impact a business. Positive reviews can significantly benefit a business. Whether consumers are using google, yelp, facebook, the BBB, nextdoor or any other platform it is very, very important to give the consumer a reason to leave a review. Basic or generic work ethic or product is not likely to get you the reviews you’re hoping for.

This is why beyond exceptional customer service is so crucial!

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