Home roofing and commercial roofing

A general comparison of the differences and similarities

At Integrity Roofing and Painting we offer great solutions for both your home roofing and commercial roofing needs. A common question that we get asked is, what are the differences when it comes to repairing or replacing a home roof as compared to a commercial roof? In today’s post we’ll have a look at some of the fundamental differences in stradgey, purpose, and material between home roofing and commercial roofing. While we’ll find the two sectors certainly share the most imporant qualites, there are some differences that are important for any good roofer to recognize.

Home roofing

Home roofing home roof

On a basic level, all roofs need to be successful at performing the fundamental task of protecting the structure it covers from the elements that threaten it.  However, when we look beyond that primary, and perhaps most important function, we see that there are divergent priorities to consider when designing and installing a home than when designing and installing a roof for a commercial structure. With home roofing we find that design and style come into play far more than with commercial roofs. After all, anyone who has made the grand investment of home ownership certainly takes pride in their home, and wants it to not only serve a shelter, but also have atheistic appeal to be proud of. And it’s not just a matter of pride; a good looking  roofing can help maintain or even increase the value of a home, which means the home owner is investing in his homes equity. Another difference is the primary materials used for the two types. Home roofs tend to be composed with shingles that compliment the rest of the home. They also tend to be far cheaper to produce than commercial roofs.

Commercial Roofing

Home roofing - commercial roof

Because most commercial structures are far less visible than the average home roof, and because the quality of the product inside the store is much more important that the aesthetic appeal of the outside, commercial roofs tend to be more about function the style. Commercial roofs are far more frequently flat, as opposed to home roofs which almost always feature steep pitches. This difference not only impacts the look of the roof but also the materials that are necessary to ensure that it serves it primary function of protecting the structure from the elements. Commercial roofing also tends to be far more expensive than home roofing, as they are typically much larger, and thus require more time and expertise to install.

Whether you need a gorgeous new roof for your home, or a high-quality and durable roof for your business, you can count on Integrity Roofing and Painting to get the job done right.