How long does the insurance roof replacement process take?

Sep 18, 2010 | Insurance Claims

How long does this insurance roof replacement process take in 2016?


While the actual roof installation rarely takes more than a day or two, when planning out your roof replacement with your colorado springs roofers from beginning to end, allow up to two months for the entire process if insurance is involved. If the damages from the storm were widespread, allow more time than that.
After a hail or wind storm, if you feel that your roof has sustained damage, it is a good idea to call a roofer for a free inspection. Once it has been determined that your roof does indeed warrant replacement, an insurance claim is filed. Depending on the magnitude of the storm, it can take from one day to two weeks to get an inspection meeting with your roofer and insurance adjuster. After a hurricane or catastrophic hail storm, it may take up to two months.

Once the roof is totaled, it can take up to two weeks to receive the loss statement and first check from your insurance company. Some insurance adjusters are able to print claim summaries and cut checks on the spot, but most do not. You can ask that the statement be emailed, which can expedite the process by a few days.

The check will usually have to go through the mortgage company for endorsement. If a local branch is not available for the endorsement, allow up to ten more days for this process. Sometimes it can take months and a few extra phone calls to get the endorsed check returned to you. Sending it overnight to a confirmed address is one way to expedite this process.

While the check is getting endorsed, the roofing contractor will be comparing his inspection to the loss statement, or claim summary, to make sure the adjuster’s measurements are correct and all the components are funded that need to be. If not, a supplement request is sent to the insurance company for review. Depending on the work load of the claim handler or adjuster who will be negotiating with the contractor, this can take up to two weeks or more. The supplements can be negotiated in a matter of one phone call normally, but it varies as to how long it will take to have the opportunity to have that discussion. It is definitely advantageous for everyone to wait for the installation until both the contractor and the insurance company have agreed upon a final price for the roof, even if it delays the installation. This is a requirement of most insurance companies and protects all parties involved.


Waiting takes time and no one likes it

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It seems like a long time

While the negotiations and check endorsements are being handled, this is a great time to decide on material and color selections. Any changes or upgrades you would want to incorporate would be discussed during this time as well.

Once all of these events have taken place, the roofer can order the materials and schedule your job. If your product choice is in stock locally, it can take between one to five days for delivery, depending on the magnitude of the storm and the vendors’ ability to support the volume of work in your area. Special orders of course take longer. Sometimes a different manufacturer has a similar product or color and a secondary choice may be a viable option.

It would be a great idea to confirm with your roofer that your materials have been delivered. Most likely, your roofer will want to check the delivery for accuracy and quantity prior to start date.

Depending on the size, steepness and type of roof you have, an asphalt roof generally takes one to two days to replace. Weather and scheduling around other projects will of course affect this.


The roof install typically takes one or two days



Recoverable depreciation may take several weeks

Once the roof system has been installed, the roofing contractor will submit for recoverable depreciation and follow up with the insurance company to secure the release of the final insurance check to you. Allow up to two weeks for this, again, depending on the volume of claims being handled by the insurance company. The final check may need mortgage company endorsement as well, so tack on another ten days if that is the case.  If the insurance check is deposited into your account, the bank can put up to a 10 day hold on it. Some choose to endorse it over directly to the contractor if no other repairs are included in the amount. In 2016 we are beginning to experience more delays with mortgage companies. Some of the mortgage companies are delaying because they have hired inspectors to go out to their property to make sure all of the work that is on the insurance companies claim summary is completed. This would be a relatively easy task yet many of the mortgage company inspectors take a few weeks before their schedule permits them to inspect the property. So the final payment for the contractor is being delayed. At this point the contractor may ask the homeowner to contact the mortgage company to, “hurry up”. Once the inspection is performed and satisfied it shouldn’t be too long for the mortgage company to release the recoverable depreciation.

An experienced roofing contractor can help

The process can be long and tedious, but if you choose the right professional roofing contractor, it can still be smooth. They will be working alongside of you the entire time and helping to expedite the process, as well as handling much of the follow up and paperwork for you. Insurance restoration contractors work diligently with the homeowner on their behalf to help expedite the process. The insurance standard protocol is for the roofing contractor that works in this insurance restoration industry to discuss with the insurance company and adjuster any discrepancies with the adjusters claim summary and with the roofers scope of repairs and pricing. Once the scope and pricing are agreed upon the homeowner should only have to pay for their deductible. If the homeowner has upgraded the roof system or added scope to the overall job the price would change.  Integrity Roofing and Painting is very experienced in and willing to assist in the insurance roof replacement process to help simplify your life, at least this part of it!

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