Integrity Roofing and Painting, a 30-year journey

Mar 25, 2020 | Blog

Integrity Roofing and Painting Colorado Springs

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Integrity Roofing and Painting has a thirty-year journey of growth and success. We judge our success on customer satisfaction and are proud to say we have thousands of happy clients over the past three decades.

In 1990 Jerry Fristoe reflected on his fourteen years of experience in roofing, painting, remodeling, and sales and decided to start his own company, a company that has served thousands of clients successfully for 30 years. Living in Houston at the time, the company served the greater metro area providing services from roofing, painting, remodeling to storm restoration.

In the spring of 1998, Jerry received some much-needed administrative help from his wife Teresa. After completing her master’s in Educational Administration and Supervision, she made the decision to work with the family business. Because of the teamwork, the business grew consistently over the next few years.

In 2000, they formed a Texas LLC called Integrity Painting, LLC dba Integrity Roofing and Painting. Name availability in a state the size of Texas is a bit of an issue as you can imagine. The company continued to serve the local market of roughly six million.

In 2005, Integrity branched out to work outside of the Houston area. Many remember Hurricane Katrina. While investigating how to help in the aftermath of this devastating storm, there was a lesser known Hurricane that followed right behind it. Hurricane Rita struck South East Texas, destroying roofs and homes along the coast. Jerry worked with FEMA providing emergency tarping initially and then stayed to replace many damaged roofs. He also worked in other cities in Texas after large hailstorms swept through Central Texas and later Northeast Texas.

In 2008, Integrity replaced hundreds of roofs in the NASA area damaged from a Mother’s Day hailstorm. That September these same homes were hit by Hurricane Ike that had sustained 110 mph winds and flooding. Having an emergency sticker on his truck, Jerry was given access to the evacuated area immediately after the storm to inspect the roofs we had replaced. After checking the roofs, he found zero missing shingles! We were able to report back to our clients who were in forced evacuation for weeks that their homes were in perfect shape. After seeing the quality of the roofs we installed, we were very busy in this area installing roofs for their neighbors for a full year.

In 2009, Jerry and Teresa explored the expansion of the business into Colorado. The Texas office was doing well and staffed with very capable office personnel and project managers. After a trip in the summer of 2009, the decision was made to open an office in Monument, CO. It was strategically placed between Denver and Colorado Springs so each market could be served easily.

By spring of 2010, both the Texas and Colorado offices were busy installing roofs. A solid team was being built in Colorado, adding project managers and expert installers. Jerry and Teresa continued to provide oversight and direction to Houston, but the Houston team was thriving under the day to day management of Bobby Montgomery.

In 2012, Jerry expanded the operations to the Dallas area. This division of Integrity was installing hundreds of roofs along North Texas. Jerry established what was to be a permanent office, returning full-time to Colorado a year later. Unlike the Houston office, the manager of the Dallas office was unable to maintain the high expectations needed to run an office in Jerry’s absence. The workmanship never suffered, but the decision was made after a few years to close the Dallas office transferring the responsibility maintenance of the client based to the Houston office.

In 2014, because of the ages of their children and desire to be more available to their busy schedules, Jerry and Teresa wanted to focus on the Colorado office more exclusively. The offer was made to Bobby Montgomery to purchase the Houston based llc. He had been successfully managing it for five years and had the ability to continue to grow the company successfully. He and his wife Dana agreed. When they purchased the company in the fall of 2014, the Colorado llc, Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC was launched in Colorado. Although we moved our LLC state registration at this we have been roofing Colorado Springs for over a decade.

That same year, Jerry and Teresa located a property that they felt would serve the company well as a new office. They secured the purchase a building east of downtown Colorado Springs, 115 N Union Blvd, in the Olympic Corridor in need of a little TLC.  Two months of remodeling, resurfacing and re-roofing, a team effort by everyone at Integrity, the operations were moved to its beautiful new location. We are excited to welcome clients to our office. The beautiful show room, the fully stocked kitchen, customized back patio with fire pit are all features of the office that the Integrity team appreciates on a regular basis. A lot of team building and strategizing take place around that fire-pit as well as sharing in fish fries, turkey dinners, crawfish and crab boils and barbecues. The office offers Integrity the opportunity to enjoy a positive, family atmosphere with our entire team.

Integrity Roofing and Painting, the Colorado LLC, has been focused on replacing roofs exclusively in the Front Range area- from Pueblo to the Greater Denver Metro area. Currently celebrating ten years of service in this area, Integrity Roofing and Painting has replaced roofs due to hail and wind damage, real estate transactions and for clients who needed an updated roof.  While Colorado is not susceptible to hurricanes, the elements in Colorado do expose roofs to high winds, snow loads, ice dams, and frequent hail. Understanding that quality roof installation is vital to longevity of a roof, using practices that sustained roofs through a Category 5 hurricane are used in Colorado.

The Integrity team has grown but focus on excellence in workmanship and customer service has always been and will continue to be the key to success for Integrity. Project managers hold themselves accountable for demonstrating personal integrity, commitment to communication and leadership in their projects. Clients often remark on how impressed they are with the service they were provided from the project managers. The customer care team has developed over the years to be arguably the best customer service team in Colorado, creating a fluid positive experience for our clients. The production manager pays tedious attention to details, producing a smooth process for the project managers, installers and clients. The General Manager has done a beautiful job of managing the company for several years and earning the respect of everyone in the company as well as our clients and professional contacts. Striving for excellence starts at the top and permeates each aspect of the company. No company is perfect one hundred percent of the time but striving for excellence allows for a high level of success and the opportunity to stand behind the company name with integrity clients deserve.

The journey to being one of the Top 3 roofing companies in Colorado Springs began 30 years ago. It has been a great journey, and the Integrity Roofing and Painting team and clients enjoy the benefits of the experiences and the lessons learned over time. When a company has three decades to improve upon the business, always keeping excellence as the goal, it makes a pretty special company. Integrity Roofing and Painting will continue to study together, grow together, and push for excellence. It will be exciting to see what the next thirty years of the journey will look like.

Integrity Roofing and Painting has been roofing Colorado Springs for over a decade. Please contact us for your roofing needs.