Roof Repairs and Replacements Are Essential

In a time when the situation is changing daily, we want to let our Colorado Springs neighbors know that we are here for them. A leaking roof still need to be addressed to keep the environment safe within our homes, now more than ever.  Roof repairs and replacements are essential to the safety of our families. Our Customer Care Team, management and Project Managers will be working to serve these needs.

Integrity Roofing Is Open

Our office is currently open and will remain open as long as the government is agreement. Construction is classified as an essential business/office by the state, so we are hopeful that we will be able to continue working in house.  Our office has been sanitized repeatedly and hand sanitizer is in every room and being used frequently.  Anyone not feeling 100% is not coming to the office voluntarily.

We have switched to video meetings to maintain our commitment to having less than ten team members present at one time, while still allowing us to continue to discuss safety issues that will allow us to serve our clients well.  Home offices are being utilized for remote work. These were already in place and will allow us to serve our clients as seamlessly as possible during this time.

Our online system is quite extensive and allows us to easily communicate remotely and upload important documents. We stay in the practice of frequent communication from the field using this software, so we do not expect a gap in our communication during this time. Every project manager has access to his email and voicemail and can respond in an appropriate time. Even if our office is not allowed to operate, we will be able to remotely check messages and respond to the needs of our clients in a timely manner.

We are still available to schedule appointments to inspect, repair and replace roofs.

Until the government states that it is not permissible, we will be responding to requests for inspections and inspections for repairs and replacements. Our project managers will maintain appropriate social distancing during these appointments. Inspections can be sent electronically. Our highly trained and conscientious crews are still working and available to serve. Roof work is conducted outside so little access, if any, would be needed for the interior of the home during these repairs. This makes it easy to avoid face to face interaction and unnecessary exposure to our team and our clients.

The Colorado Roofing Association is working with Governor Polis to secure the ability for Coloradans to have their homes and businesses taken care of during this time. As the CRA pointed out to Governor Polis, that “the roof is the first line of defense against the elements and extreme weather, and there is nothing more important than a sound roof in protecting Colorado families and businesses as they take action to address this crisis and sustain our economy.”

While we do not take a position of fear, we are respectful of the need to protect those vulnerable to contracting Co-Vid 19. We are prepared to do our part in protecting our local population by participating  in community efforts to limit exposure and spread of the virus while still being available to help those who need our services.

Please contact Integrity Roofing and Painting at 719-488-2800 for your Colorado Springs roofing needs.