The following items are some observations and experiences from the largest hail storm in Colorado Springs history:

  • We are in the aftermath of the largest storm in Colorado Springs history.
  • Unusually high turn over rate for installers.
  • Colorado Springs Roofing contractors and storm chasers are going from roof to roof to offer crews higher pay.
  • An average roof now cost $700 more for the month of September than what it cost in July.
  • Chaos in the industry.
  • No one could have been fully prepared for this storm.
  • Insurance companies had to pull storm units from all over the nation.
  • Shingle distributors brought in staff support from other stores throughout the nation.
  • Multiple distributors purchased several 18-wheelers to handle the increase in volume.
  • Patience is needed on the part of all homeowners.
  • Shingle distribution is taking from several weeks to over a month to load shingles on a roof.
  • Many contractors refused to give inspections and this was extremely wise.
  • The contractors that gave inspections will now be installing some jobs at or near a loss due to the gigantic spike in operating expenses.
  • The seasoned contractor has refused to give inspections and only works off the insurance proceeds plus supplements due to increase in operating expenses and some insurance company policies which disallows for certain necessary roof components. These statements are factual and not presumptuous.
  • Many homeowners are looking for a way to profit from the insurance proceeds and we are not interested in working with anyone that is trying to steal money from the insurance company.
  • Our goal is to be sustainable and to make roof replacements easy!
  • Is the homeowner ethical in requesting a roof inspection?
  • Can the homeowner keep money from the insurance company.
  • Does a homeowner really think that it’s okay to keep money from the insurance company?
  • Many roofers are logically unwilling and not capable or  performing all repairs on homes at this time.
  • Insurance companies are under funding roof projects.
  • Insurance companies have under funded window replacements.
  • Roofing companies are logically choosing to not perform all the repairs other than roofs.
  • Insurance companies are posturing and positioning themselves through media outlets to present themselves in a favorable light.
  • Are most insurance companies really going to be there for you?
  • Wouldn’t it make sense for insurers to create a competitive market for roofers by encouraging three inspections, even when three inspections are not needed.
  • Who really benefits from three roof inspections?
  • Out of town roofing companies are selling roofs under the guise of local Colorado Springs roofers.
  • How many providers have really been roofing Colorado Springs and who will be here after the storm?
  • Is it reasonable to expect roofers in Colorado Springs to install gutters and windows without receiving overhead and profit on the entire project?
  • It’s ok for roofers to only install roofs at this time.
  • Roofing crews are demanding 10-20% more than what they were demanding before the storm.
  • Homeowner’s are looking for ways to profit from insurance companies.
  • Allow roofers to supplement roof jobs for insurance companies do not necessarily offer to pay for all of the roofing components that need to be replaced.
  • Insurance companies are not obligated to pay for all of the roofing materials because many of them do not. The roofer should be afforded the opportunity to supplement for the correct quantity.
  • Insurance adjusters are trained to adjust a roof based on averages rather than actual quantity. This system was created so anyone could easily make assumptions that would be close enough to satisfy some roofers in the industry. This practice should be refined to accurately reflect the correct quantity of field shingles, underlying valley course, starter course, ridge row, hip shingles and true waste.
  • Within 12 months many insurance companies now no longer pay for the removal of many items as if somehow they will be magically removed.
  • Insurance companies are hesitant to pay for all necessary in crucial roofing components that up until a couple years ago these items were standard on every adjuster’s report. The roof scope from insurance companies have diminished to a point to where if all roofers in Colorado Springs built the roofs according to the insurance scope than many of these roofs would fail. This should not be the case, but it is. Following insurance scope for roof replacements is risky business.


We have not been giving inspections during this storm and we made a public notice on our website and in all phone conversations, yet we can’t meet everyone’s expectations. It’s our goal to make roof replacements easy and if you’ll allow us to handle our business we can expedite the insurance roof replacement process. The following is from someone that was upset that we would give an inspection. I hear what they are saying and what we’ve found is that many people are trying to profit from the insurance company and we will not participate. It’s easier for everyone to treat the roof claim like a medical claim and afford us the same professional respect as a medical provider. All you have to do is pay your co-pay and we will do the work. Isn’t this how you work with the insurance while allowing the physician to perform a service? We are in the insurance industry and so is your Doctor, so allow us to do the same thing with the insurance company. We know roofs and we know insurance restoration. It’s that simple. All you have to do is to pay your deductible and we perform a service.


D Brown
3 weeks ago
“Predatory and Lazy Business Practices. After recent hail damage, I called Integrity Roofing for a quote based on their good reviews and good BBB standing. I was referred to a project manager who explained on the phone that his inspection would likely not be the lowest, but that he wouldn’t cut corners on the job. I took this as a positive sign, since he was basically saying he wasn’t going to underbid the job just to get the work and end up doing a poor job. So that’s a fair statement by him and I set up a time for an inspection.

However, he insisted that I provide him with an insurance claim report and he stated his “inspection” would match or likely exceed whatever the insurance company had awarded, as though that is common practice. I asked him if he would just come out and give me an inspection based on his assessment of the damages without considering what insurance said. Frankly, it shouldn’t be his concern what insurance did or did not pay. I just want an objective inspection for my job and we can worry about insurance claims after. He tersely responded that Integrity Roofing doesn’t operate like that and then hung up on me mid-sentence.

I know that after a hail storm many people need new roofs and it becomes a seller’s market. And I think that is what is happening now. Rather than offering objective and honest inspections, Integrity Roofing is just “requiring” home owners to supply them with insurance claims and they are simply maxing out whatever insurance paid the customer, regardless of the actual damages or actual costs of repairs. They have enough business that they don’t need to actually go out and give an objective inspection or compete with other companies. This is a semi-predatory and sloppy way of taking advantage of a market and it wasn’t appreciated. It leaves me, the customer, feeling like Integrity Roofing would be doing me a favor by taking the job rather than actually trying to work for my business. All I wanted was an honest inspection for doing my repairs and Integrity was not willing to do that. Since they handled it that way, they won’t be receiving my business.”

During a storm when everyone is working double shifts and mostly seven days a week we are doing people a favor by sacrificing our time and families. This person is correct. All known roofers Colorado Springs has that are pouring out their hearts in the aftermath of this storm should be acknowledged, just like the firefighters during the Black Forest fire and Waldo Canyon fire were applauded. Our roof scope and inspections are honest and based on Xactimate pricing which is the present day fair market value. That’s as honest and righteous as anyone that writes an inspection on a napkin. We are not predators for this has always been our standard practice and the practice of most insurance restoration contractors. Since August prices have escalated and I am so thankful that we didn’t lock ourselves at an unreasonable price. It’s fair and reasonable for D Brown to work for a reasonable rate and the same should go for every roofing contractor in Colorado Springs.

Please be willing to walk in someone else’s shoes before making a judgement. It is our desire to do what’s right in the aftermath of the largest hail storm in Colorado Springs history. You’ll find that our business functions with the utmost of integrity. We are not perfect, nor do we claim that we are. Here at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC we strive to do things right and we are presently running the extra mile. Please allow all of the roofers Colorado Springs has to offer to function with a lot of grace during the clean up of the July 28, 2016 hail storm. Thanks for being patient with all roofers at this time.