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​If you live in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of hail storms. Unfortunately, our local climate can often create the perfect conditions for hail. While many people understand that hail can damage windows and cars, few realize how significantly it can impact roofs.

At Integrity Roofing and Painting, we have years of experience helping Colorado Springs residents combat the effects of hail damage and other forms of roof storm damage. We can work with you to provide advice and roofing repair services that help you protect the internal components of your home.  We also repair wind, snow, and ice damage caused by storms.

Potential Problems Caused by Hail Damage

While homeowners may not become immediately aware of the impact of hail damage, often the damage only makes itself evident after the fact. With Colorado Springs sometimes experiencing hail stones the size of golf balls, there is bound to be significant damage to your home’s roof, which we strongly advise inspecting immediately. These are some of the problems that could arise:



Water is the primary reason that it’s so important to fix your roof if it experiences hail damage. Not fixing a hail-damaged roof means that water can easily enter the home, where it will cause further damage. This moisture can cause a variety of issues, including the growth of dangerous molds.

Water also goes to work destroying the internal structure of your house. As water contacts components of your home, it may warp them or cause wood to rot. The cost of fixing a roof leak is often much, much higher than the price of fixing the roof in the first place.



If there are dents and holes in your roof, UV rays can damage the components that sit under the shingles. This may not seem like a significant issue, but it can drastically impact the lifespan of your current roof. If you want to avoid having to replace your entire roof in the near future, it’s critical to repair hail damage without delay.


In the case of shingles, hail can cause a loss of granules, which exposes the coating to external elements, thereby catalyzing the roof’s aging. More extreme hailstorms could result in cracked or entirely missing shingles, putting your roof in a vulnerable position. This is why it should be repaired by roofing experts as soon as possible, to save the homeowner in the long run.

Our Services

At Integrity Roofing and Painting, our services help you alleviate issues related to hail damage. We offer a full spectrum of hail damage-related services, including:


Roof hail damage is often hard to detect. That’s why it can be useful to have a professional carry out a full inspection. If you’ve experienced a hail storm recently, our team can carry out a comprehensive inspection to determine if any damage has occurred to your roofing components.


If damage does occur, we can provide professional and affordable repair services to help you fix your roof. We’ll start by ensuring we can prevent water from entering your home. Next, we’ll begin the process of repairing it—we’ll make sure that it’s restored to its previous standard.


If you have an insurance policy on your home, it may cover the cost of repairing hail damage. Roof hail damage claims can often be complex, and you’ll need to prove that the hail is responsible for the damage to your roof. We help our clients throughout the insurance claims process to ensure they receive the money they’re owed from their insurance company.

If your insurance policy covers your roof, make sure to declare this to our repair specialist when you get in contact with our team.

Hail Damage Questions

How do I know if I have hail damage to my roof?

* If your neighbors are having their roof replaced from a hailstorm, you probably need one too.
* If your window beading, window screens, siding or automobile is damaged from hail, your roof is probably damaged.
* If you can see black marks or spots on your roof from the ground, your roof needs to be replaced.
* If your skylight was broken from the hail storm, this is a sign of potential roof damage as well.
* If large amounts of roof granules accumulate under your gutter downspouts or on your driveway, you might have hail damage.
* If you do not currently have an impact resistant shingle system on your roof, you are more vulnerable to hail damage and should have it inspected by a professional, licensed roofer.

How will the roof inspection be conducted?

* Many times evidence of hail is seen from the ground. We inspect window screens, window beading, siding, gutters, oxidized metal surfaces, fences, sidewalks and mailboxes before we inspect the roof. If we find collateral damage at ground level, it is likely the roof is damaged.
* Sometimes we find no evidence of hail on the ground, yet we still find damage to the roof.
* Even if there is no collateral damage on the ground, the roof should still be inspected. Our inspectors will conduct a roof top examination of the shingles to determine actual hail damage to the roof.

What is the appropriate action if I think I have hail damage?

* Call Integrity Roofing and Painting for a professional roof inspection. If significant hail damage is noted, we would encourage you to file an insurance claim and sign up for the Integrity Roof Solution. If you have minimal hail damage we will make suggestions depending upon the age of the roof and what is best for you.
* It is best to have an experienced insurance restoration contractor inspect your roof prior to notifying the insurance company. If roof is damaged, it is to your advantage to have your personal advocate meet with the insurance adjuster during the initial inspection.

How large does the hail stone need to be in order to damage my roof?

* Small hail and soft hail typically do not damage a roof.
* Nickel size hail and larger can damage an older shingle.
* Golf ball size hard hail lasting for five minutes and longer will typically damage most roofs.
* Small hail driven by high winds for a long period of time can damage your roof.

What does hail damage look like?

* Most hail damage will create a bruise in an asphalt shingle.
* Some hail damaged shingles will have small craters on the surface.
* The shingles surface will have areas of crushed granules where the hailstone impacted the shingle.
* Sometimes hail stones can actually cut through the hip and ridge cap creating holes in your shingles.

What kind of damage can hail create on my roof?

* Hail damage can create current and futures leaks.
* Hail damage will expose the bitumen to ultraviolet rays thus degrading the shingle.
* Hail damage will void most shingle warranties.
* Hail damage creates an economic burden on the homeowner unless the damage is repaired within the time guidelines of the insurance company.
* Hail will accelerate granular loss.
* Hail will accelerate shingle aging.

How does my insurance policy provide coverage for hail damage?

* Homeowner’s policies are in place to protect the insured from a financial loss.
* Your policy provides coverage for a sudden catastrophic event such as hail.
* Coverage under an Act of God falls under the category of a “no-fault claim.” Most of the time, these claims are not held against you.
* If you have significant hail damage to your roof your insurance carrier has a fiduciary responsibility to replace your roof with like kind.
* If you have minimal hail damage on a newer roof your insurance carrier may decline roof replacement.
* We offer Hail Impact Resistant Roofing upgrades that can result in insurance premium discounts.
* More information on the insurance claims process may be found here.

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    I have used Integrity Roofing three times this past year. I had a leaky skylight they fixed and then a few months later we had terrific hail damage and they replaced the roof on our home as well as a rental property we were looking to … More sell. The pricing always seemed fair. They worked with our insurance company and actually joined the insurance inspector on the roofs to jointly inspect the damage and come to a consensus. They got the work done quickly and handled all the paperwork as well. We had gutter damage and they handled that as well as painted our entire home. Carter and Andi were my main contacts and they were always easy to work with keep me informed of all the steps along the way. I would recommend them and this company to anyone.
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    Integrity Roofing was efficient in inspecting our roof and getting us a quote. They worked to make sure we had the best quality materials that fit our needs, look, and budget. Jeff and his team showed up on time and worked quickly and efficiently … More to replace our roof. The guys even cleared a path for me to take my dog out in the middle of their work day, taking care to make sure there were no nails in our path. We highly recommend Jeff & the Integrity Roofing team!
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    Thank you Carlos & Integrity Roofing for an unparalleled customer service experience; we moved into a new house last spring & needed an expert assessment/certification on our roofing material to get a homeowners insurance discount. … More Carlos got the job done - and fast. He came to our house (right on time), talked through the process, took a sample back to the office, and had our answer before dinner time. His efforts will save us thousands over the years we own this house. Just wish we had called Integrity sooner. Thanks again Carlos & keep up the great work.