Let’s look at where we are in the industry and you’ll find that “good” is called “bad” and “bad” is called “good.” I have no issue in stating an absolute truth that most of the corruption and fraud and greed that is occurring in Colorado Springs today after our historic hailstorm is homeowner driven. Homeowner’s that are driven by greed are asking Colorado Springs roofers to commit fraud by getting roof inspections. Let me explain this with a softer tone. The homeowner is committing “insurance fraud.” I love our country and the fact that we still have a right to free speech. I’m not politically correct and I’ll tell the emperor that he has no close on when everyone else sits by without saying a word. I’m not driven by money. I’m driven by the spirit of the law, integrity and truth.

Most, but not all homeowner’s that are asking to receive a roof inspection fully understand the insurance process and therefore they are trying to manipulate the system to make a buck. I have no problem in stating this information publicly. Every person that we’ve given a roof inspection to has said that we are higher than the insurance company. It’s amazing that not one person said, “wow, my insurance company neglected to cover all of my roof components.” While speaking with homeowner’s we are continually asked to cover deductibles, to give sign credits, rebates and discounts. We will not give credits, loans, discounts or rebates. There are roofing companies that are giving loans to cover deductibles and the homeowner is told they do not have to pay the loan back to the roofer.

This is greed on the part of the homeowner and the contractor and if our children are going to live in a better world the corruption has to stop with this generation. I’m a little hot and frustrated with everyone’s false pre-supposition that we’re all good. The truth is I see a lot of bad things and hear a lot of greed and corruption when I talk with homeowner’s. I’m shocked that house wives, business men, corporate executives, military personnel and all walks of life are committing insurance fraud.

The roof inspection that the homeowner is looking for to come in cheaper than the insurance company will provide the homeowner no financial benefit until they have a contractor present an inspection higher to the insurance company than what has actually been paid. Homeowner’s regularly convey information that they will not commit fraud, but they want the roofer to send false and fraudulent documents for the betterment of the homeowner. “Oh, come on, is anyone listening?” The homeowner is driving this crazy issue while wearing a facade of innocence.

It is rare that we meet a homeowner that really wants a roof inspection. Many if not most homeowner’s are going after dishonest gain. You can not profit from the insurance claim when recoverable depreciation is present without committing fraud. It’s that simple.

Insurance Companies Don’t Overpay

Every honest contractor that has been roofing Colorado Springs homes knows that insurance companies don’t overpay. Let’s take another approach and ask your Pharmacists’ to pay your co-pay or better yet ask your Doctor if you can pocket some of the money from your insurance claim on your next medical visit. You might say. “that’s preposterous.” I agree it is ludicrous for you to ask any roofer to put money in your pocket on an insurance claim.

Insurance Claims

  • Why not send an insurance check to a patient for the patient to pay the Doctor?
  • Why not send an insurance check to the roofer?
  • Why not have Physicians compete on price?
  • Why not have every Physician give you a detailed written bid?
  • Why not get 3 inspections for every medical treatment?
  • Why do patients go to a Physician and allow the Doctor to give a bill to the insurance company?
  • Why do insurance companies tell patients to get 3 inspections from a medical practitioner?
  • Why not ask your Doctor to perform services for free?
  • Why not get a free upgrade or facelift while visiting the Doctor?
  • Why not ask your Physician to allow you to pocket some of the money from the insurance company?
  • Why not ask your medical provider to misclassify your physical condition so it can be covered by your insurance company?
  • It would really make sense for the insurance companies to pay the roofer directly rather than the homeowner.
  • It would really make sense for an insurance company to send the check to the patient for a non-emergency medical service provided that the patient for the cheapest Doctor.
  • Doctor’s are more trustworthy than roofers?
  • Homeowner’s are more trustworthy than roofers?
  • Patients are more trustworthy than Doctors?
  • Why do homeowner’s want 3 inspections from Doctors?
  • Why do homeowner’s want 3 free inspections from roofers?
  • Why do Doctor’s charge money for a visit?
  • Why do homeowners expect a roofer to perform a house visit for free?
  • Why do insurance companies pay Doctors for visits?
  • Why not have insurance companies pay roofers for house visits?
  • Why do homeowners get paid for work?
  • Why do homeowners expect roofers to work for free?
  • Why not ask for free medicine from your Pharmacists’?
  • Why not ask for free Accountant services?
  • Why not ask for free Doctor visits?
  • Why not refuse to show any doctor a medical insurance claim?

Here’s an example of someone trying to profit from the insurance company.

Either he understands the insurance process and is willing to commit fraud or he doesn’t understand the process. Anyway, here’s someone that I think is trying to profit from the insurance claim.

“Hey Jerry. Sorry so slow to get back with you… crazy times and even though I’m old it never slows down. I wanted to hire you guys but I’m a very shrewd guy when it comes to finance. I was turned off by you just copying my insurance claim amount?? I want an inspection based on a contractors inspection and competition for the work. It’s my understanding that Integrity just charges the amount the insurance company paid out. Not a good deal necessarily for me and I always shop for deals. Sorry to waste your time but I’d heard great reviews about your work so wanted to consider you.”    V/r Ed Sent from my iPhone

The following is my reply to Ed’s request.

6 days
Jerry Fristoe 9/21/16 6:42 PM
Subject: RE: Re: Integrity Roofing and Painting
Hi Ed, If the insurance company has given you all the money up front it’s legal to keep whatever is left over. On the other hand if the insurance company has held back depreciation that’s a different story. Our reviews are accurate that’s why we don’t compete on price and are financially capable of delivering high quality. We make roof replacements easy! We have a staff with a former adjuster and  former insurance staffer, therefore we don’t try to beat the system we work within the insurance restoration industry. We are not in the roofing industry we are in the insurance restoration industry. Thanks for your reply.

Insurance Adjuster’s get Paint Hundreds of Dollars per Roof Inspection and Inspection

We have yet to see a reason to give “free inspections” during the aftermath of the largest hailstorm in the modern history of Colorado Springs. If a homeowner would like to pay us for a detailed written inspection than we may be able to perform this service. If we were paid the same amount of money as an independent insurance adjuster we’d be happy to write an inspection. An independent insurance adjuster that makes $300-$1,000 on writing insurance claims during this storms may or may not be happy. Several of the adjusters even have an angry tone toward homeowners while making several thousand dollars per day writing inspections.

Is it Unreasonable to Request a Free Roof Inspection

Why not offer to pay your local roofer $200 for their services. The insurance adjuster was paid more money than $200 to write their inspection. It’s only fair to do the same for the roofer. It’s unfair to ask the roofer at this time to do the same job that has already been done by the adjuster, which happened to get paid a King’s ransom for adjusting the roof.

Why Not Allow the Contractor to Work Off the Claim

Your Doctor works off the claim proceeds and will even bill you what the insurance company doesn’t pay. Why not allow a roofer to work off the claim and to bill the insurance company what they didn’t pay, rather than billing you?