Insurance FraudRoof deductible paid by contractor results in insurance fraud per Colorado SB 38

As a homeowner it would make sense to allow a contractor to cover your roof deductible. According to senate bill 38 you may want to think again. June 6, 2012 the state of Colorado and Governor Hickenlooper adopter Colorado Senate Bill 38. Financially it seems as though it would benefit a property owner to work with a Denver roofing company that is willing to absorb the deductible within the stated insurance price. Myself included, anytime I can save money it’s generally an avenue that I would pursue. In this particular case going down this path may cost a lot more than it appears. First, let’s look take a quick glance at some of the points that will impact you as a property owner concerning the roof deductible according to this enforceable law.

Roof deductible

  • Senate Bill 38 prohibits a Colorado roofing company from paying a deductible
  • Senate Bill 38 prohibits a roofing contractor from waiving a deductible
  • Senate Bill 38 prohibits a roofing contractor from contributing any monies or actions toward the deductible
  • Senate Bill 38 will not allow a contractor to provide a sign credit for installing a yard sign
  • Senate Bill 38 makes it illegal for a roofer to give a rebate while working on an insurance claim
  • Senate Bill 38 makes it illegal for a Colorado roofing company to give merchandise construed to be payment or toward a deductible
  • Senate Bill 38 doesn’t allow a roofer in Denver to give a gift certificate related to a roof claim toward the roof deductible
  • Senate Bill 38 has deemed that a roofer’s coupon that’s provided in conjunction with a roof claim will be construed as insurance fraud
  • Senate Bill 38 makes any of these offenses punishable by law

Scare tactic

Insurance Fraud imageThe information provided in this post isn’t meant to be a scare tactic. The points listed are for your benefit and not for your harm. Shame is in no way the intention of this data, rather freedom is the purpose of this post. It is our desire to share truth that will protect you from committing or participating in a criminal activity. The truth of the matter is, if you happen to be a pastor, police officer, city official, state or federal official you really want to pay attention. The media or your opponents may be waiting for you to make a mistake. Any skeletons in your closet will be public information if you ever run for a public office or promoted to a capacity where an opponent is looking for a reason to discredit you and you have participated in fraud they will find it. All you have to do is google official busted for fraud or any variation and you’ll see what kind of fun the media might have with you.

Report contractor insurance fraud

The smartest thing to do is report the fraudulent roofing contractor or salesman to:

  • STOP Fraud colorado an agency connected to the Colorado Attorney General.
  • State Farm wants you to help stop insurance fraud by reporting fraudulent roofing contractor. Report fraud to State Farm’s fraud division.
  • Report roof deductible fraud to American Family Insurance.
  • USAA insurance wants to hear about any roof deductible fraud and you can report any roofing company sales representative that has offered to cover your deductible. Please report the roofer to USAA fraud division.
  • Allstate insurance company wants you to take a stand and to fight insurance fraud. Report any roofing contractor that offers to waive, pay, contribute, rebate or give you an advertising credit to the Allstate fraud investigator. Let’s take a bite out of crime!
  • The coalition against fraud has a list of most insurance company phone numbers that you can use to report roof deductible criminal activity. Coalition Against Insurance Fraud list of insurance company fraud telephone numbers.
  • The National Insurance Crime Bureau will allow you to report the roof deductible fraud anonymously. All you have to do is fill out the following short form that’s provided on this link. A fraudulent roofing sales person needs to hear from an insurance fraud investigator. The only way this will occur is if you’re willing to report this criminal activity. You can do this without providing your information. This is a real crime and we need to be vocal and willing to report the person that’s perpetrating insurance fraud. Our silence will only cause it to re-occur.

Insurance fraud costs each family in the United States approximately $300 in premium expense. This data is from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This is not an innocent crime as though crime could be innocent. It is impacting every property owners that purchases property and casualty insurance. The only way this will stop is when homeowner’s no longer participate and they begin to report fraud. Seemingly upright roofing companies in Colorado Springs regularly approach property owners after a storm and offer to absorb the deductible in one form or another. With no shadow of doubt this is violating contractual law with the property owners insurance carrier. No doubt that laws are violated with both the insurance carrier, the state of Colorado and most likely the United States treasury department. I’ll let you figure the last one out on your own.

Deductible roof fraud is homeowner drivenInsurance Deductible

Okay, there I said it, “deductible roof fraud is homeowner driven”. Ouch, did I actually say that? I know it’s risky making a bold, yet accurate statement that incriminates the consumer as a criminal and not the victim. Scary isn’t it? This is the truth of the matter and this part isn’t reported by most agencies because they rarely will identify the property owner as guilty. All a homeowner has to do is begin a bidding war between roofing companies and it doesn’t take long before a roofer in Colorado Springs offers to pay your deductible. You may not even have to ask the roofers to bid your project, all you have to ask them is, “what about my deductible” and there you have it, you opened the door to roof deductible insurance fraud. You’re not the innocent victim. You may not have lit the fire you only supplied the fuel. This isn’t innocent and anyone who allows the contractor to absorb the deductible is not innocent!

Wow, that seems to be harsh. Nope, I didn’t write the law nor violate the insurance contract.

Contact a roofer that says, “no to fraud”

Integrity Roofing and Painting will not pay your deductible. That’s your part of the equation and you must pay it. If you want to work with a contractor that you can trust contact Integrity Roofing and Painting. We make roof replacements easy! Isn’t that what you really want?