Lessons from your Integrity Roof Experts

May 27, 2012 | Roofing Colorado Springs, Roofing Denver, Roofing Monument Colorado

Lessons from your Integrity Roof Experts

Integrity Roofing & Painting Team

A few ways to keep your roof functioning at a high level for the longest period of time

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As your Integrity roof experts we understand the importance of taking care of your roof, even when there is no direct threat to it. Just like with anything else, your roof will function best, and at the highest possible level when it is properly cared for. The best start in maintaining a healthy and properly functioning roof, of course, is by calling Integrity Roofing and Painting for all your roof installation, repair, or replacement needs. But beyond that, there are several measures that any home or business owner can take to perpetuate a long lasting and effective roof. In this post, your Integrity roof experts will break down the best ways to maintain a your roof’s efficacy for the longest possible time.

Schedule regular inspections

This is the single most important step to take to keep your roof in solid condition for the longest period of time, at the cheapest cost to you. Just like with your car, or your computer, or even your own body, the most effective way to save yourself pain and costs in the long run is to catch problems before they become problems. At Integrity Roofing and Painting our roof experts will come out to your place and perform free roof inspections in order to catch all those little problems before they become big ones.

Keep your feet on the ground!

The single best way to damage your roof is to walk on it! Foot traffic on your roof causes the shingles to loosen and deteriorate. Not-to-mention the risk of falling off of the roof and hurting yourself. Whenever it can be avoided, try to use other means to inspect your roof that doesn’t involve walking on it. If you must climb on the roof please wear safe soft soled shoes. Cougar Paws are made by former roofers to walk on roofs. If you’re able to stay off the road than another good way to do this is to use binoculars or other magnification devices in order to view your roof from afar. Of course, the best way is to simply call the roof experts at Integrity Roofing and Painting!

Regular roof cleaning is key – but not with power washers!

When algae and mold form on your roof it can significantly accelerate the deterioration process, and this is why it is important to have your roof cleaned every so often. However, you should never use high pressure systems for accomplishing this. If you are looking for a roof cleaning company, be sure that they don’t use high pressure hoses to clean your roof, as this will cause far more damage then it will prevent. Roof cleaning is tricky and someone really needs to know what they’re doing. In Colorado algae or moss isn’t really a problem. What we find in Colorado is that some roofs are filled with wind blown debris which may prevent water from shedding off the roof.


At Integrity Roofing and Painting we want to see your roof perform at the highest possible level for the longest period of time. Contact our roof experts today for a free roof inspection! Our offices are located in Denver and Colorado Springs.