I have worked at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC for 2 years and prior to joining the team, I had my roof replaced once by another company, and never really thought about what all goes into replacing a roof.

I can now say, “I know both sides of the story”

Homeowner perspective on Roof Replacement

After the storms in 2018 that hit Fountain, CO I knew that I needed to get my roof replaced.  We were not having leaking nor actual holes in our roof, but I knew we had damage.  Working for a Colorado roofing company, I knew that my roof would have to be placed on hold because of the severity of the storm and damages homeowners in my area received.

Now not many people work where I work…with a Colorado roofing company.  I had an edge on what the steps were and what to expect during this process. My goal is that the information within this blog, will help you and provide you guidance.

Fast forward to 2020… We began the process of selling our home.

I knew that I had put my roof replacement on hold after the 2018 storm however in order to sell the home, the roof would need to be replaced now.  I figured that the replacement would have to be done prior to closing or the new homeowner would not be able to get insurance coverage. So, the replacement process began and, was stress-free because of where I work.

I figured that the most stressful part of the replacement process would be working with my insurance company, we only had two weeks to get everything done and I didn’t need anything to prevent the closing from moving forward.  To my surprise, after calling my insurance company, within a couple of hours, I had an email from the assigned adjuster ready to set an appointment to come out and inspect my roof.  Now I know some homeowners would be totally against providing information to the roofing company let alone have them at the house when the insurance adjuster is there.  I am here to tell you; this is the Best thing to do.

You want your roofing company there to meet with the adjuster, let me tell you why…

My project manager came out to the house prior to the adjuster meeting and did his own inspection. This allowed him to see where the damage was and what “necessary” components were needed to bring my roof back to pre-storm status.  I was so thankful, because the day of the appointment, my project manager arrived at my house before the adjuster, he placed ladders at the access points, so the adjuster didn’t need to. And when the adjuster arrived, after introducing himself, handed the adjuster an inspection showing the scope of work needed to replace the roof.  The adjuster was so impressed that all they had to do is verify that what was on the inspection in fact had damage and needed to be replaced.  After the adjuster reviewed the information, all that was left to do is create the claim summary and cut the check to me.  This alleviated the whole supplementing step that normally would have been done if this had not been provided to the adjuster, not to mention kept us on our schedule for closing.

Again, insurance moved quickly and had the claim summary to me within a couple of days along with the insurance money directly deposited into my account.  I truly do not think that if my project manager had not prepared the inspection before the adjuster appointment, we still would have been working through the supplement process and had to have the closing moved back.

I hear from our customers often how wonderful our customer service is and how happy they were not only with the company, but their project manager and our roofing crews.  I was finally to witness what all the hype was all about!

My project manager moved quickly to get the materials ordered and our roof replacement on the schedule.  By the end of the week, we were set for a Saturday build, which I knew that we did replacements over the weekend, but what I was surprised was that my project manager not only also worked, but was there when the crew showed up and came back when the replacement was completed to make sure that everything was done to my liking and our property as well as our neighbors was clean of nails and debris.

I work for a Colorado Roofer and was still surprised on how smoothly this process went; IMAGINE how you are going to feel when selecting our company to provide you with those services!

Professional Perspective on Roof Replacement

I have shared with you my roofing experience as a homeowner, now let me share information that will be helpful when selecting a roofing contractor.  Please keep in mind that I have been on both sides and provide valid information in your selection process.

As you are shopping for the “right” roofing contractor, I recommend that you take the following into account:

  • Research your options via Google and BBB
  • Read the reviews that previous customers have written. Keep in mind that all reviews may not be positive, however read why they weren’t and determine whether the points are valid.
  • Are the companies you are looking at located in your area or are they working out of their home and move to where the storms are occurring “storm chasers.”


  • Our ultimate goal “is to make roof replacements easy!”
  • Our office staffs a CUSTOMER CARE TEAM that is assigned with your project manager. We work as a team throughout your roofing project.
  • Our project manager overseas your roofing project from start to finish and is there the day of your roof replacement
  • We have a SUPPLEMENT/DEPRECIATION team that is very knowledgeable in regional building guidelines and the insurance process. Our team works with your insurance company to assure that your roof is restored to pre-storm status.
  • We have been in business since 1990 and have a brick and mortar site that we encourage our homeowners to visit
  • Our roofing crews have been committed to our company for many years and are tested and trained right here at our office
  • We are ranked in the top 3 roofing companies in Colorado Springs
  • We have over 300 Google Reviews with a ranking of 4.8


“In my 17 years as a homeowner I have had numerous contractor’s conduct work in and around my home and none of them has impressed me as much as Jeff Arnold at Integrity Roofing. Our roof replacement came with more than its share of adversity as we were in the middle of selling the home and dealing with a material defect warranty issue with the manufacturer from the previous roof installation. Jeff showed a lot of integrity and character in staying the course and keeping me informed at every step. He also went out of his way to reduce our costs and started/completed an outstanding job on time. If you’re in the market for roof repair or replacement, do yourself a favor and call Jeff at Integrity Roofing.” – Gary T.


“Very pleased with Integrity and will recommend them with confidence. We got several bids for our new roof and we chose them because of their customer service during the process. They were very responsive and seemed to have a solid reputation. They worked with us to schedule and the day after the roof was stocked we had a damaging hail storm. They put the project on hold while we filed an insurance claim and then got back to it. John Babb, the project manager, and the crew were awesome. John was very responsive and continues to be so (6 months later we had some ice dam concerns). The crew did a fantastic job and corrected a few things from the original roof. After the job was done, their cleanup was so good you wouldn’t know they had been here.” – Eric D.


Written by Donna M.