Roofing a Home: Considering the Bigger Picture

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Roofing a home, on the surface, appears to be a fairly straight forward endeavor. You consider your needs, define your price range, and then find a local roofer to take on the task. Many of these decisions focus on the details of roofing a home such as the materials that you prefer, the weather enemies that the roof must defend against, the cost of the work, the type of outer roof materials (shingle, tile, wood, etc), and the local roofing company that you choose to employ for the task. However, what often gets lost in the process of roofing a home is keeping an eye on some of the high-level factors that are important to consider before making the more particular roofing choices. In this post we’ll have a look at the factors that are very important, yet commonly neglected in the period leading up to the roofing of a home.

Get to know your neighborhood

As with so many things in life, one of the best ways to gather information when it comes to roofing your home is to have a walk around your neighborhood and learn from what your neighbors have already done with their roofing ventures. It is a good idea to do this before getting wrapped up in the details of your own roof, as it can give you an idea of what you like and don’t like, and also help you make decisions that more-or-less conform to the overall roofing standards of your community. Obviously, the specifics of your home’s roof are ultimately up to you, but there is value to be gained by at least partially conforming to the styles present in your neighborhood, as doing so can optimize your ROI when and if you decide to sell your home.

Contact your H.O.A or Covenant before roofing a hometelephone conversation by agent

If you’re like me, you loathe the stipulations and restrictions that are placed on your decisions as a homer owner as a result of your Covenant or Home Owners Association. Never-the-less, it is typically much easier to do your research up-front and have a roof put up which conforms to their requirements than to have to re-do the work, or pay fines as a result of breaking some H.O.A. rule. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact your H.O.A. or Covenant prior to making specific decisions regrading your home’s new roof.

Where will you be 15 years from now?

Another high level thought process that is useful to go through when roofing a home is to consider how long you plan on staying in the home that you are roofing. While it is never a good idea to skimp on quality, considering how long you plan to be in your home can help you decide on the best roofing solution for you. For example, if you plan on moving in 5 years time, there is not much reason to pay a premium price for a roof that will last 30 years. Conversely, if you plan on living in the same house until kingdom come, it makes a lot more sense to invest in a long lasting roofing system.

Roofing a Home Video | Colorado Springs Roofing Company

This video illustrates the roofing process on a home where the old roof is being removed and new shingles are being installed. Viewing this video may help with any considerations that you might have related to the bigger picture. Integrity Roofing and Painting is a Colorado Springs Roofing Company and we look forward to hearing from you. At Integrity Roofing and Painting, we make roof replacements easy!