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Jul 25, 2011 | Product Information, Roofing Denver

Roofing Contractors with TPO Roofing Membrane

Roofing Contractors

Have you ever wonder what materials roofing contractors use to build your roof?  Do you often ask your roofing contractors question about material?  Most roofing contractors are happy to explain what material they may use to build your roof. If you ask any roofing contractor, what is the basic material used in building a roof. The answer you may receive is TPO Roofing Membrane.  TPO is short for Thermoplastic Olefin.  TPO is a single ply roofing membrane being used in both residential and commercial building throughout the United States.  TPO roofing membrane is popular with roofing contractors because of the resistance against bad weather and other natural elements.

Before the development of TPO roofing Membrane roofing contractors would use PVC roofing membrane.  However, PVC has a very checked past when used in colder climates of the north.  Often, PVC roofing membrane would need serious repair after trying to brave the weather of the north.  TPO roofing membrane is starting to replace PVC roofing membrane.  TPO roofing membrane is resist to many natural elements.  TPO roofing membrane is extremely resistance to tears, puncture and impact. TPO has good flexibility to permit building movement.  The TPO roofing membrane is resist for extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornados.  TPO is resistant to algae, ozone, eco-friendly and safe to setup.

The benefits of using TPO roofing membrane are great. TPO contains no plasticizers or chlorine. The TPO roofing membrane will not dry out or become brittle over the years.  TPO roofing membrane is cheaper for roofing contractors to use than PVC roofing membrane.  TPO roofing membrane comes in light gray, white and black. TPO comes in a width of 45 mils or 60 mils.  Generally, TPO is recyclable doing the production process.  TPO is not a standard in the United States for housing but many roofing contractors use TPO roofing membrane because of the reliability and resistance.

Applying TPO roofing membrane for roofing contractors is a simple process. The TPO roofing membrane is normally installed with mechanical fasteners placed down the edge of the sheet and secured with the membrane. TPO roofing membrane is one the fastest growing methods in the United States of America. Roofing contractors use TPO roofing membrane because of its high quality material, cheaper price and easy installation.  For many roofing contractors TPO roofing membrane is a top pick and some cases is the only thing they use when building roofs.

Regardless of what type of material is being use roofing contractors need to know what they are doing. TPO roofing membrane is a top pick for many roofing contractors, but many do not have the skills to install TPO roofing membrane.