Roofing Houses

Jul 18, 2011 | Roofing Denver

Material options for roofing houses

Roofing Houses

If this is the first time that you are going to build a house, you might be astounded with the wide variety of roofs available in the market. There are bricks, tiles, shingles, metal, rubber and other types of special material with very specific functions. Although roofing houses has some intricacies which only a professional roofer can decide on, you have all the rights to make suggestions and to give the final decision as the legal owner of the house.


In the past, owners can only choose between black and gray colored shingles for roofing houses. Today, there are better options to choose from. The colors vary from bright white to fiery red. They can opt for a light color or a dark one depending on what the entire family wants. But it is often a tricky decision to make. For one thing, you will have to consider the overall architectural structure of the house and what color will best fit for its appearance. Aside from its exterior style, the following pointers should also be considered.


  • Samples – companies with many years of experience in roofing houses usually offer samples that will represent the permanent color for your roof. They make use of paper or a piece of fabric to demonstrate the final look of your house after the roofing process is done.
  • Surroundings – look around the neighborhood. Your idea might have been taken already by a close neighbor. Although there is nothing wrong with having similar roof color, it is always better for your house to have a unique ambiance with personal touch.
  • Front yard – maybe you have a garden or a beautiful tree at the front of your house. You might want to blend the color of your roof with the reddish flowers or greenish plants. Blending with nature is a great way to decorate your house.
  • Walls – it is a standard option to choose a roof color which is the same with your walls. This simple color scheme can make your house appear bigger. But you can also pick a color which is in high contrast with the colors of your roofs. This will make your home instantly noticeable from among the rows of houses in your community.
  • Balance – use colors to achieve the look that you desire for your home. Choosing light colored bricks would result to a bigger looking structure. On the contrary, dark tones make a house appear smaller.


This is why samples are very useful. It will give you an idea on how your house will look like after the entire process. Although sometimes it’s still difficult to get an impression with a piece of fabric, you can still find ways to make it work for you. Try viewing it from a long distance and use your imagination. This must be done during daytime to obtain precise impressions on the impact of the blended colors and patterns. Ask for as many samples as possible. Aside from the ones which you have personally suggested to the roofer, ask them about what their other clients have chosen.