I left the door disappointed while another homeowner shuts their door frustrated.  This had not been the case a few years ago. Amazing how quickly things have changed. In confidence my projections about future occurrences are being realized now. Sharing my opinion with colleagues five years ago, predictions were made that the restoration industry would soon change. Boy how they have changed in only a few years.

All roofers should expect the unexpected. Yeah, I know if you are expecting something, why would you call it unexpected? Well, many times the package that it arrives in just doesn’t look like you thought it would. How was I to know that here in Monument a warm knock on the door would lead to heart ache for a home owner?




What we are seeing today is an unprecedented number of new Roofers in Monument. The area has reached a tipping point. All one has to do is go into a neighborhood and count the number of homes that have no soliciting signs. Roofer beware, things are changing rapidly. Homeowners are tired of door to door roof solicitors.

With the frequency of storms a Monument roofing business should remain successful. However, an influx of competitors saturating the market changed the environment overnight. First one must have their own definition of success before they can evaluate the overall business performance. If being successful is only about dollar figures than it is a bottom line business. Some would rate success by comparisons of related businesses. While another might evaluate their success with what kind of a positive impact am I making?

Business models that really care about their community want to create the right waves. For many years our business created good waves. I am not certain that is where we are today. One of the major shifts in the industry is the expectation for a roofer in Monument to provide a free roof or cover the deductible. Colorado what has happened to our integrity?

Since we are unwilling to illegally cover a homeowner’s deductible our level of production has decreased. I have to pose the question to my fellow Roofer’s, which is better, to secure business by deception or to live by a higher code? Every roofer in Monument is aware of the legality of covering a deductible. The problem is that the seduction of a deal is stronger than the desire of righteous living.

The confusion now lies within the homeowner. With almost every roofer securing transactions by discounting deductibles and contractors flagrantly violating the law with advertisements of free roofs, the legitimate roofer who says “no” to deception is flagged as the bad guy. Wow, what a perversion of justice when the offender is the hero and the real hero is counted as a zero.

As a person that enjoys people I enjoy the challenge and reward of door to door solicitation. What a thrill it is to offer our product and it to be received with enthusiasm by one who understands the value. It is the thrill and relevancy of our service that propels me forward. Yet my heart is wounded by the displacement of truth in our business. The lack of integrity creates a breeding ground for all levels of deception in this industry. Oh, what a shame for I truly enjoy what I do.  How heart breaking it is when I knock on a door and am seen as a bottom feeder or pond scum.

Recently we have witnessed an increase of verbal attacks from homeowners after we knocked on their doors. We realize that it is because of the increase of roofers in Monument. Our apologies go out to the community. Our intention and desire is that we would be welcomed and not shunned. Our families are fed because we are willing to go out and find new clients.

How a roofing salesman operates is no different than the pharmaceutical sales person peddling products from office to office. A police officer is out of work with no one to police. Doctors exist to heal the sick not to prevent sickness! Why are people tired of Monument Roofers? I don’t think they are too pushy, maybe there are too many of us!

Yeah, I know as a roofer you would suggest that we leave! I say expect the unexpected. What I propose is that as quickly as others came that they will leave in the same way. United States of America has many people that are incredibly gifted. God’s favor still rest on our nation. If our nation repents of one of many of our forms of idolatry, greed, than prosperity might return to our shores quickly.

Monument Roofers we must be above reproach in our service to our clients. Securing deals by committing insurance fraud should not be tolerated. I propose that if our economy improves that temporary roofers will return to their former lines of employment. We can change our nation by doing what is right. The little things that are done seem to have a greater impact than the bigger ones.

We can make a difference in our nation. Our nation, one nation under God is our foundation and our future. We must be under God in order to be successful. How do I define a successful business? A business that follows Godly principles and knows him is a success.