How to file your roof claim

Apr 27, 2011 | Insurance Claims

Insurance companies, Roofers and agents agree that the first thing to do after a major hailstorm is to mitigate against further damage. If the roof is visible from the ground we recommend inspecting the roof with high powered optics. Large holes and punctures can be seen with good binoculars at the ground level of a one story home. A two story structure might require a roof top inspection.

Hail stones over 2 ½” can cause serious penetrations. We recommended having your roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Stones of less than 2 ½” in diameter can penetrate asphalt shingles, more commonly the shingle is bruised from impact. You can wait for your adjuster to look at your roof with small hail. Larger hail impacting your roof requires immediate attention. Integrity Roofing and Painting provides free roof inspections. We are a local roofing contractor in your area.

Before filing a claim for small hail consideration should be taken on how it might impact your future coverage in the state of Colorado. Some states have a no fault policy for weather related claims. Unfortunately the state of Colorado allows homeowners to be penalized for filing claims for weather related events. I have met few people that have exercised authority over weather events, like Elijah in the Bible. Surprisingly homeowners are held accountable for weather events in Colorado.

Insurance deductibles are on the increase throughout Colorado. Everyone is busy and like most people when you receive your new insurance documents you toss them in a box. Before filing the claim we advise our clients to dig through files and pull out their current declarations page. Here you will find your current policy coverage and deductible. Once the current deductible amount is discovered and you are willing to file the claim call your agent or claim center.

Filing a hail damage claim with the agent or call center may take up to 30 minutes during busy times. Occasionally you will have to leave your data and wait for a return call. You will be asked questions pertaining to the severity and time of the storm. Emergency assistance can be provided per the details of your insurance coverage.  A claim number will be provided to track the progress of your remediation. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to assess the damage. This assignment can take place on the initial call or within several days. The call center representative will notify you of current protocol. Note, that insurance claims protocol will change for companies based upon the severity of national storm events. The key is to be patient. During hurricane season, even if you are in a hail impacted area it may take up to 30-days before an adjuster arrives. Please protect your property from further damage.

Most Roofers offer to meet with your adjuster on the roof. This can eliminate scope and price discrepancies. An extra set of eyes on the roof helps prevent potential items from being overlooked. This keeps the process moving more smoothly.

Integrity Roofing and Painting requires the homeowner to sign a contingency agreement before we meet with the adjuster. This contract states that once the carrier agrees to roof replacement than we will install the roof. If the roof is denied by the carrier, the contract is voided. A new company may need to practice and might provide this service without a contract. Integrity has been servicing the insurance restoration community for many years. We are sought after and invest are time wisely. This agreement is similar to a Realtors contract. Real Estate sales personnel will not spend their time showing property without an agreement to purchase.

Once the property loss statement is received it is forwarded to the contractor for review. Most adjusters cover sheets instruct the insured to have their selected contractor review the settlement offer. If there are differences the adjuster is contacted and a settlement is reached. If warranted, a supplemental adjustment is made to the claim with a new check being released.

Once the roof is installed and the invoice sent to the insurance company the final payment will be released. The check can have both the insured and mortgage company on the draft.

As a courtesy to the insured most Roofers allow up to 30-days for the final payment. The Roofing company works closely with the insured to avoid unnecessary delays.