hail stones impacted Stetson HillsOn July 4 the subdivision of Stetson Hills was damaged by significant hail damage. This was the third hail storm in this area in the past five years. Every seasoned Colorado homeowner that lives east of the front range knows that our Colorado summers produce some violent thunder storms resulting in hail. Some of these hailstorms can be severe. These severe storms are sometimes large in area of coverage and at other times they are more centralized. Occasionally it appears that a particular geographical location is on some sorta invisible bulls eye for hail storms. One of these areas is the Stetson Hills subdivision. This area on the east side of Colorado Springs has experienced multiple storms recently and some of the savvy residents are looking for ways to protect their homes better.

Class IV Roofs

Several of our clients have decided to minimize future risk by installing a class IV hail-impact resistant roof system.There are four rating designations given to shingles and the class four rating is currently the best product on the market to protect against hail impacts that damage shingles during a severe thunderstorm. With this in mind one of our friend and clients Ray in Stetson Hills has replaced his roof several times and said, “this is getting old, what can I do about it?” We introduced him to the Certainteed Landmark Special impact resistant roof system. A roof system encompasses more than the field shingles and in this particular case I’m referring to the field shingles and ridge cap that are both impact resistant. There is one manufacturer that only produces field shingles and that is not a roof system. The crazy thing is that many insurance companies like that product.One of our preferred class 4 shingles is made by Certainteed.

Certainteed Landmark Impact Resistant Shingle Video


Stetson Hills Class IV Roof Installed

Impact Resistant ShinglesOn Friday September 3 we installed a class 4 roof installed on his roof with our factory certified installers. Great news for Ray because his insurance company will give him a reduction in his annual premium. Another benefit is that these roofs are warranted against hail impacts as large 2 inches. We have witnessed Certainteed roofs that have sustained no damage from hail as large as baseballs. A quick caveat regarding no hail damage to the roofs that were impacted with base ball sized hail is that these roofs were only a couple years old. Know this as asphalt within the class 4 shingles ages it becomes more brittle and is less resilient. When a large hail stone impacts a class 4 shingle that is older than 10 years it’s more likely to sustain damage where as a new class 4 shingle would sustain little to no damage. Insurance companies are aware of this and most will not give a discount for a class 4 shingle when it is older than 10 years of age.

Regarding insurance premiums we still see a financial benefit to the homeowner for the first 7-10 years after they have a class 4 shingle installed. Another change that’s occurring in the industry that we are beginning to see in Colorado is the increase of deductibles from $1,000 to as high as $5,000 we recommend upgrading to a class 4 system. Ask your trusted and local colorado springs roofing contractors Integrity Roofing and Painting about installing a class IV roof on your home.

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