Understanding Your Roofing Estimate

Jun 14, 2012 | How To's

So the time has come to replace that old roof of yours but where to start? Lets take it step person reading a documentby step. First off do some research and find a reputable roofing company in Colorado Springs that you would feel comfortable with taking on the task of replacing your roof.

Understanding the Roofing Estimate

Next get the estimate from the roofer in Colorado Springs and try to get a physical copy of it. This is just to ensure that you have a solid agreement and know what the quoted price comes with.

What to keep in mind with your Roofing Estimate.

  • The material that you choose to lay down is what will make up most of the cost. To further understand this get a detailed list of what supplies will be used to complete the project.
  • Understand the labor costs and methods being used. This includes removal of old material, man hours, and even holidays.
  • Make sure your Roofing Estimate comes with  a timeline from start to finish so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Make sure you go over how your property will be protected while the project is under way and how it will be cleaned up once the roofer is finished with the job
  • Look into warranties that can come with materials to make sure that you are protected against defects and poor workmanship. These should be detailed in your final contract with your roofer.

These are just some simple steps that you can take to further understand the cost of your roofing project and also makes sure that you are getting a quality job done for the right price. Also keep in mind that not all roofers will have the same experience and that you should only hire a roofer who is bonded and licensed. A good roofing contractor in Colorado Springs will have proof of insurance for their workers and will have the proper industry certifications to show. Remember a roof is an investment not only in your house but in your future and if not done properly it can cause unwanted headaches, hours of repair, further damage to property, and not to mention more money spent. Make sure you are satisfied with everything before giving the okay. With these small steps you should be on your way to having a beautiful new roof!