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Sep 28, 2016 | Blog, Roofing Colorado Springs, Roofs, Why Choose Us?

In every man at every epoch in each millennial, mankind has felt an innate call to greatness. This is not uniques to our nation, culture or color this runs the span of humanity, across oceans and mountains. This is part of our very core, calling and DNA. There is no question that each man has sensed this call. From birth males begin to spar in battle. They want to win, conquer and excel. This is without question complex for each society, ethnic group and peoples to define exactly what greatness is and how it looks for each generation. This is something that has called me, drawn and plagued the very depths of my soul. Where and when are men called to settle for mediocrity and neglect the call to be great?

At what point do we say the sacrifice and attainment of that which is great and to be great is not worth the price? This I have fixated my eyes upon and have failed to reconcile the tension between average, satisfactory and great.That which is within me says, “In all this is done it should be our desire to function with a spirit of excellence. To say that it’s good enough doesn’t register right within me.” There are limits to our excellence and each should be aware of their limits. That in itself is a measure of greatness. To recognize ones frailty and limits of ability is a measure of wisdom and humility and that in itself is truly precious, priceless and great. With that being said, I know that I can not do this on my own. Life, business, greatness is not possible in a vacuum. With truth and reality set into motion I find myself at the place of knowing, realizing and experiencing depths of inability to answer questions, therefore I as a servant leader have no answers to certain questions that plaque my soul in this hour. I’ve seen things in human nature that have been revealed, exposed and brought to light in the aftermath of the largest hailstorm in Colorado Springs history.

Experience is a great teacher, yet there is great danger in our experience if it’s not properly filtered. Unfiltered experience may result in bitterness of experience resulting in increased tension and angry tones. First, I’ll share a recurring experience. Since the record hailstorm we’ve seen many of our clients break their word and refuse to honor contracts only to go after other roofers that were willing to commit fraud. This has broken my heart and wounded my soul. My new tendency is to quickly pass judgement on those that were willing to trade their word for money. It has become rather easy for me to see these ones as being mastered by money and a slave to it. That pronouncement of judgement although it may be correct is wrong. I repent to everyone in whom my heart has made this judgement. At the same time I hope that our community doesn’t see insurance companies incorrectly as a source of welfare, betterment or economic windfall. Please forgive me for angry tones and measures of bitterness in my soul. May I be granted the grace needed to work these things out of my heart.

We all see through the glass dimly and our filters either taint relationships or help relationships. Here at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC it is truly our desire to be a blessing to everyone that we meet and those that choose our roofing service and the way we go about the entire restoration process we truly want our relationship to be a win, win situation. If anyone doesn’t sense that we desire to give them our best in the aftermath of the largest storm in Colorado Springs history than I’d appreciate an opportunity to speak with this person. At this time I truly understand the demands and logistics of this season and would like to properly convey the current environment and depths of difficulty at this time for ourselves and every other roofer in Colorado Springs.

At this time I want everyone to know that we truly desire to be great, to do what’s right, to honor God and country. We really want to do this, but this is not business as usual for everyone that has been roofing Colorado Springs residences realizes that his storm has created very complex issues and some of these issues will only be revealed on a need to know basis. Other issues are common to every roofing contractor in our area at this time and it will impact their ability to deliver jobs at their highest level. Some companies may convey a different message at this time than what is reality. Rest assured that the aftermath of the recent storm has caused tensions, strains and logistical issues that are not only problematic, but reflective of some serious issues in our society.

Here at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC we have not been pursuing money, we’ve been pursuing relationships and excellence in service. This is still our pursuit, however external forces will limit our ability to develop relationships at the level that we normally are able to attain. In many ways some of our clients may feel abandoned, but that is not our attention. The truth of the matter is that no one had any idea that over 40,000 roofs were damaged in Colorado Springs from the recent storm. We commit ourselves to seeing this through and will learn from this experience. While I see we are not pursuing money allow me to elaborate. We will nor pursue money incorrectly. One of our mottos is, “We make roof replacements easy.” This is truly our desire and we do an excellent job at it. Today there are some misconceptions that pervade all streams of media. We have taken some heat for not giving inspections. This was my decision and it was the right decision. After 30+ years of construction and insurance experience I know that we are exercising integrity when we chose to only work off of insurance Xactimate pricing. Many people have been offended that we would not give an inspection. The volatility of pricing in our present market calls for wisdom on the contractor, therefore understanding the demand of the season, Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC shall not be locked into a price when we know that our expenses may go up 10-20 percent during the aftermath of this storm. We have no desire to lose money. We desire to sustain wise business practices and sound accounting principles. Trust us when we say that it’s beneficial for everyone to not be locked into an exact price in this chaotic environment. Insurance companies know of the price increases and most are changing prices monthly to compensate roofers. We have to be in relationship with homeowners that understand this is agree to the necessity of allowing us the ability to supplement all roof scopes at this time with every insurance company.

Any one that understands insurance knows that they only have to pay their deductible. As a result of this understanding our experience is that people want to try and figure a way to pocket some insurance money. We will not participate in insurance fraud, therefore we have not given roof inspections at this time. As a group we have a large collection of conversations and experiences with homeowners that exposed themselves by stating that they wanted to find a roofer that would do the work for less and than to have that roofer send false documents to the insurance company at an inflated amount. We are not that company so you may as well not ask us to do it nor should you waste your time in calling us.

If you’re are ethical and you’re looking for someone that has been roofing Colorado Springs ethically for many years than contact us. If you’ve filtered life in such a way that greatness is only about your bottom dollar or cheating the system than don’t call us and ask for a roof bid. We will not participate in any scheme concocted by a homeowner to defund the insurance process. If you want someone to help you in the insurance restoration process and you’re willing to work with someone that’s fighting a good fight, although we are not perfect it is our desire to be great. We know that we can’t please everyone and that not all people are meant to be in a relationship. If you’re a fit for the way we do business than we’d love to install a roof on your home.

If you chose to defraud the insurance company we will not judge you. Everyone has a choice. We’ve been in this industry for decades. Our perception will be different than most people and even other roofers. We just want to function with a sprit of excellence, even in our imperfection, knowing that we’ve done all that we can do to live life well and for lives to end knowing that we did life correctly. That’s our perspective.

We desire the best for everyone and hope that all have the discernment to do what’s right.

Consider the Following example of someone wanting an inspection when they already have the inspection from the insurance company:

Jamie Leigh
a month ago

I live near Security area where we had horrible hail damage. I called Integrity to get an inspection and Vince came out to my property to look it over. He said that he could either write me an inspection or base the inspection on my insurance claim. There is no reason that they should not provide an inspection. We wanted three inspections that detailed the scope of work to be performed and the cost so that we could compare as you should always do when hiring a contractor and then we could choose (not necessarily the best price) but the best value for what we needed done. When I called him back to ask for the inspection, he said “we have so many projects going right now, that we are not doing inspections for anyone unless you turn over your insurance information and we can write the inspection based on your claim numbers”. This is incredibly shady to me. There should be no reason for them to decline giving me an inspection for a re-roof. I will share my claim information with the contractor I choose to hire but for this company to even decline giving me an inspection without seeing the numbers on my claim is completely dishonest. Talk about zero transparency and honesty. I just cannot believe he said that. They wasted my time to come out and provide an inspection and then wouldn’t give me one. Other roofing contractors I have called, said it’s no problem, they can give me an inspection and then if we decide to hire them, we can go over the claim info and get everything finalized in the agreement. Integrity is obviously lacking in ‘Integrity’ because they won’t tell you what your roof should cost to replace up front. Not until they see your insurance claim. I would never trust someone that does business that way and I work in the construction industry. That is why I am taking the time to write a review.


Response from the owner a month ago
Jamie, thank you for calling me today to discuss this. While we will continue to disagree about our position to suspend generating inspections during this current storm, we will continue our position that it is ethical to work for what the insurance determines is the price for the roof. As we discussed, our estimating software is Xactimate so our inspections will end up matching the insurance claim summaries anyway. We are going to continue simplifying and streamlining the process by agreeing to work off claim summaries instead of generating matching bids. Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate that you are passionate about your view. I am glad you have multiple bids from other roofers and will have several from which to choose. Best of luck with your repairs.