How to choose a roofing contractor | True statements part 2

Jun 28, 2016 | How To's

How to choose a roofing contractor

Some of what is written in this post will be from a different perspective. It’s our goal to share information that is valuable to a property owner in making the best decision in the roofer selection process. If you’d missed part one of How to choose a roofing contractor, you’ll find it here.

  • Choose a contractor that requires you to pay your deductible.

    This person is on the right track. Character matters, and if you’re entertaining a contractor that’s going to lie to the insurance company on your behalf, why would you expect them to tell you the truth? It is risky to use a contractor that’s cheating the system. He has to send fraudulent documents to the insurance company in order to cover your deductible. This type of insurance fraud is prevalent throughout country. Our nation’s integrity starts with your integrity. As a business owner and one who pays insurance premiums, I’m hoping there is a higher level of accountability enforced for this crime. Choose a contractor that’s uncompromising and willing to stand up for what’s right. Don’t be a willing accomplice to this crime. Be uncompromising in your integrity and you’ll find a company with integrity. The first step in choosing the right contractor is to only use one that requires you to pay your deductible.


  • Work with a contractor that has a training program



    Manufacturer's Certification and Training ProgramWhether they have employees or independent contractors, an active training program should be in place. In addition, we recommend that installers are regularly tested. At our training facility we regularly provide additional training and testing for installers. From experience I can tell you that continual training is a key.

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    Training Center with two of our team members.

    Choose a roofer that has a properly trained and managed team                                                

    The overall management structure of an organization will facilitate the outcome of the roof system. Our organization has quality control systems of checks and balances in the field and in our office. All roofs are overseen by a well-trained project manager. We don’t have salesmen overseeing projects. Our project managers and office staff stay current with the changes in the insurance claims industry to help facilitate smooth claims for our clients. By design our system succeeds. Make sure that the organizational structure makes sense before hiring a roofer. Choose a roofing company in Denver that has project managers with a complete understanding of roof systems. Don’t settle for a sales man.                              



  • Traditional wisdom would say to only use a local well established contractor                                                  

    Let’s be fair. That’s a great idea in almost all cases. However there may be a time when the supply of roofers is so low that an out of town contractor may be a welcome sight. A wide spread hail or hurricane affecting a small town is a great example of this. Cities like Denver and Colorado Springs have a multitude of local roofing contractors from which to choose. Overall we recommend using an established roofer in Denver or Colorado Springs. However, it’s not fair to totally discount a new roofer. A start up roofing company in Denver that happens to be brand new may be worth considering. Every organization has a beginning and they very well may be a great company to work with. You’ll really need to do a lot of homework if you go this route. These startup companies may not be financially solvent or have the experience needed to build your roof the way it should be built. However, a new company could work out well and may become a shining light in our community someday. If you’re willing to take the risk it may be worth it. Overall we recommend using a well established roofing company in Denver.


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  • The wise sage would recommend hiring a contractor with many local referrals                                                                                 Of course the wise sage happens to be the roofer with the most local referrals. We happen to have a lot of Google+ reviews, BBB reviews and the list goes on. So this statement works well for our company. Does this automatically mean that we’re the “best of the best?” Not necessarily, yet we strive to perform all of our work with a spirit of excellence. To be fair, there are many organizations in our area that do a great job and finding them by considering their referrals and reviews is extremely helpful. The fact is that local referrals are where I begin most of my searches and therefore referrals and reviews are important to me.




  • Only use a licensed roofing contractor                                  

    Make sure that your contractor is licensed for your area or has the ability to get the license for that governing jurisdiction. Roofers in Denver that work the front range know that all 40+ governing jurisdictions require annual renewals for licensing. Very few companies have an active license in every area. Our Denver greater metro area has approximately 20 licensing jurisdictions for roofers. Hiring a licensed roofing contractor is essential, but with the understanding that they may need to reactivate their license in your governmental entity.


  • Make sure the contractor has insurance                


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Workmen’s Compensation Insurance $1 million minimum

Nobody ever states how much insurance is necessary. Is $100,000 of worker’s compensation enough if someone falls off your roof and has a catastrophic injury? Present day June 2016 an insurance adjuster in Colorado fell from a roof and the result was traumatic. Ask to see the Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance certificate from any contractor you are seriously considering. Confirm that the policy is active by contacting the listed insurance provider. The number one provider of workers compensation insurance in Colorado is Pinnacol Insurance. If a roofer has a different name it may be a fake certificate or not valid in the state of Colorado. We’ve seen a lot of fake certificates presented to us and even fake insurance agencies. This is a serious issue and one that we recommend spending a little time investigating before hiring someone. Some cities allow for a waiver for workers compensation, but if you chose to allow someone to work on your roof without insurance coverage, you or your insurance policy is where they will look to in the event of an accident. Do not leave yourself exposed to an uninsured or underinsured contractor!



  • Have your roof inspected by roof inspectors that are certified by Haag Engineering

Hail damage usually isn’t subjective, generally speaking all roof damage will be measurable. Some roofs have marginal damage while others have very obvious damage. It can be measured and certified inspectors have the ability to accurately determine your roof’s true condition. We highly recommend that you choose a company with certified inspectors. If you’d like to view a list of Haag Engineering inspectors you’ll find that list here.



If you’re in need of a Denver roofer or Colorado Springs roofer after a hail storm, choose one that meets the criteria discussed in this blog. Integrity Roofing and Painting roofing Colorado Springs residential and church properties and would love to be of service to you. Contact Integrity Roofing and Painting for your roofing needs. If you’d like more information on How to Choose a Roofing Contractor you’ll find part 3 or our part 4 series right here.