Colorado Springs Hail Storm

Jun 27, 2011 | Roofing Denver, Uncategorized

How to Check Your Roof after Colorado Springs hail storm

Colorado Springs Hail Storm

Colorado is known for beautiful landscape, mountains, rivers, plateaus, canyons and other scenic landscapes. However, Colorado has the most costly weather in the United States. The state has been plagued by Tornados, Hail storms, blizzards, droughts and some of the nastiest thunderstorms, that side of the Mississippi River. Colorado Springs hail storm is a nature part of life for the average Colorado Springs resident. Although to Coloradans, extreme weather is common, homes still receive costly damage. Most weather damage, especially hailstorms are covered in your home owners insurance policy. If you have been hit by Colorado Springs Hail Storm, most of the time your home receive some type of damage. Damage to your home may not be severe. If you call a contractor to check your home for damage, the services may not be covered with your home owners insurance policy. Leaving the homeowner suck with the bill. Within this article, I will show you simple steps for checking your roof for damage.

Assessing the Roof Damage

More than likely, you are not a roofing specialist, so spotting roof damage after a Colorado Springs hail storm may be difficult just looking at the roof. The best ways to check for damage, without climbing on a ladder, check the downspout. When checking the downspout, look for black specks. The black specks would have come off your standard asphalt roof shingles. Colorado Springs Hail Storms will hit hard enough to dent shingles on the roof.

Assessing Damage to the Downspout

After you have assessed the damage to the shingles; next you need to assess the damage to the downspout and gutters. The question need to ask includes: Are there visible dents on the downspout? Are there any holes in gutters or downspout? Dents on the gutters are signs of roof damage.

Assessing the Ceiling

As homeowners, we may not always think about the ceilings inside our homes. Checking the ceilings are as important as checking the outside of the home. When indoors, you should check the ceiling for leaks, cracks and water stains. Homeowners should check for ceiling damage after a rainstorm. Any leakage or water stains are signs of serious roof damage. At this point, it is time to contact your homeowners insurance and a roof repair contractor.

Closer Assessment of Roof damage

Perhaps, the best way to exam the roof is actually climbing onto the roof. But if you do not know how to get onto your roof or do not want climb a ladder, then this step is not necessary. If you still want to do this step but afraid to climb a ladder then call a contractor. Homeowner, who have decided to proceed with this step, need to search for dents, dings and other damages. If you can walk on your roof, it is always a good idea to circle any damages.

Colorado Springs hail storms can be devastating to families in Colorado Springs. With hail the size of a tennis ball, damage to your home is bound to happen.