Denver Hail Storm Damages

Denver hail can do considerable damage to your roofColorado is popular for its beautiful mountain scenery and mesmerizing landscape. Home to a number of rivers, plateaus, mesas, canyons, and forests, tourists and visitors abound each year for the holidays. However, this US state is also known for having nasty weather conditions. Throughout the year, the area is being visited by tornadoes, blizzards, drought, thunderstorms, and hailstorms. Although extreme weather is a common sight for most Coloradans, the most damaging tornadoes and hailstorms in the US history have devastated the state many times.


In 2009, the second most costly Denver hail storm occurred. The hailstones are almost bigger than a tennis ball and the wind was fierce at 60 miles per hour leaving towns, houses, and cars badly ruined. According to NWS (National Weather Services), the total damages to residential, automobiles and business establishments amounted to an average of $1 billion for that year alone.


A Denver hail storm generally lasts for 5 minutes or less but its effects are life-changing. Citizens have learned to park their cars in a garage with roofs to protect the windows from breakage and to avoid the roof of the vehicle from having unsightly dents. On the other hand, home and business owners have learned to choose a strong roofing system for their houses and building structures. In this way, they would not have to replace their roofs every time a hailstorm is attacking the state.


Before a Denver hail storm arrives, every individual makes it a point to be prepared for a possible blackout and they also make sure that they have enough stack of food for emergency purposes. It is really helpful that the government authorities have invested huge amounts of money on state-of-the-art instruments that have the capacity to detect if a tornado, blizzard, or hailstorm is approaching the Colorado area of responsibility.


Aside from the discussed precautionary measures, homeowners have become very particular with the type of material that will be used for their roofing system. When choosing the appropriate materials for their roofs, they usually rely on Denver roofing and storm damage experts. They have the experience of installing roofs on houses hence they know what type of roof is going to last for a long time and what is going to need frequent replacement.


This part of the house is highly important as it provides protection against hail, wind, lightning and thunderstorms. Coloradans often choose a type of roof that is strong enough to withstand unfavorable weather conditions. If you are living in Denver or at least planning to buy a house around the area, it is recommended that you check the roofing system before making a decision. Highly durable materials such as rubberized asphalt or gravel are among the best options that you can have.


Since Colorado is prone to a number of weather hazards, citizens have learned to adapt to the natural climate of the state and have also learned to look forward to summertime and springtime. In spite of the unpredictable weather, this state has remained one of the most beautiful places in the US.