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Jun 27, 2011 | Roofing Denver, Uncategorized

Denver roofing companies for snow elimination

Denver Roofing Companies

When snow starts to build up on the roof of your house, several problems will arise. First off, wet snow flakes are heavy and can cause your roofing system to collapse. Did you know that 3 inches of ice on the top of your roofs is enough to cause major damages? If the frame is not that strong, it might not be able to support the weight of the built-up ice. This does not only mean expensive repair expenses on the part of the homeowner, this is also dangerous to the residents’ life.


In Colorado, Denver roofing companies are very much in demand in times of disastrous blizzards and hailstorms. Owners of residential and commercial establishments seek help from a professional roofer to fix or replace severely damaged roofs. They also ask for tips on how to avoid such problems. The list below is helpful in the elimination of snow in your roof.


  • Flat roofing is not suitable for houses that are located in places where the climate is cold. If snowfall is a frequent occurrence in your area, you might want to install a steep roof for your home. Because of the slanting nature of this type of roof, it is easier to clear the snow after a blizzard. Put simply, cleaning and maintenance require less work for a steep roofing system.
  • Use a rake with extender. This will allow you to pull the snow from the farthest part of the roof with less effort. In this way, the snow will just slide off and you will not tire yourself with shoveling.
  • Denver roofing companies also suggest to avoid metal tools with ragged sharp edges as these will only result to further damages.
  • If you want to climb up the roofs to shovel the snow, ensure that you are wearing a good pair of spiked shoes. These are helpful in preventing you from falling from the top of the house and be inflicted with injuries
  • Invest in a snow cutter if you can afford it. When a heavy snowfall strikes your place and thick layers of ice have already accumulated on the top of your roof, a snow cutter is a very useful tool. It looks very much like a rake. The only difference is the wire that has the ability to cut through the ice.
  • If the thickness of the snow already reached the 12-inch mark, it’s time to contact the best Denver roofing companies to finish the job. The expenses will be worth it because you will not be bothered to climb up and clean the roof from snow.
  • Monitor your roof as soon as the first snow begins to fall. If the sun comes out immediately after a snowfall, don’t worry because it will just melt away.


To sum things up, you have the option to clear your roof from nasty layers of ice and snow during a blizzard, on your own. Or, you can also choose to hire one of the most reputed Denver roofing companies to do it for you.