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Jun 27, 2011 | Roofing Denver, Uncategorized

How much should you pay for a Denver roofing contractor?

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Budget is one of the most important things to consider when hiring a Denver roofing contractor. Some companies may take advantage of a hail disaster and charge customers much higher than the regular price. Although this is actually their chance to boost their business, as a vigilant homeowner you still want to save significant amount of money from the roofing services. Having your house’s roofing system partially or completely damaged by a hailstorm is no joke and the last thing you would want to to do is to hire a contractor who would overcharge you for the task.


So, the question remains: how much should you pay for a Denver roofing contractor? Truth is, the whole thing does not depend on one single factor. See below for your guidance:


  • Contractor’s expertise – contractors with an impressive portfolio tend to charge a higher amount. This is because you are not just paying for the services rendered but for the quality of their work as well. Now, how do you know if a particular contractor possess the necessary skills for the task? Easy. Ask for legal documents that will prove his worth such as written work permit from the city government, license number and photos of their recent projects.
  • Date of completion – normally, a Denver roofing contractor also charges for additional fees if the repair project is urgent. This might mean extending work hours to complete the task on-time so in return, you will also have to give him additional payment for the extra work. The rate is, of course, negotiable depending on your agreement.
  • Type of materials to be used – this can be slightly tricky as contractors always get the materials at a discounted price. Suppliers give them bulk price since they usually buy by the dozen or in a wholesale basis. Your contractor will not inform you about this and will even give you the materials in their regular price. But the bottom line is if you want a sophisticated brand of material, you will have to expect to pay more. Most homeowners trust the branded items because of the claimed quality and durability. But it’s best to discuss this matter with your roofer to know the most appropriate materials for your roofing system.
  • Size/measure of the roof – depending on the total size of the roof that needs to be repaired or replaced, a contractor may charge higher or lower. The roof area is oftentimes measured per square foot. If the area is big, this means additional labor on the part of the roofing companies hence they will definitely increase the price accordingly.
  • Kind of service – before contacting a Denver roofing contractor, ask your self what exactly you need for your roof. Do you need a total replacement or you just want your old damaged roofs to be repaired? Obviously, the prices will vary depending on what you want your roofer to do for you.


All things said, paying for the services of a roofing company in Denver is worth your money. Professional roofers do not just deliver the task on or before the due date of completion, they also make sure that their clients will be satisfied with their work.