Santa’s On His Way – Do You Have an Impact Resistant Roof?

Nov 14, 2011 | Roofs

Santa’s On His Way – Do You Have an Impact Resistant Roof?

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In just over a month, Santa will make his annual trip, landing his sleigh and the 9 reindeer that power it on your roof, and if you don’t have an impact resistant roof, you may be in trouble. It is believed that Old Saint Nick weighs approximately 220 pounds, but that is nothing compared to the weight of his reindeer and sleigh. Assuming that he is carrying roughly two pounds of presents per child, it follows that the jolly old man’s sleigh would weigh roughly 300,000 tons. Needless-to-say, if you don’t have a impact resistant roof, that kind of weight could cause serious problems for your home’s roof, and wind up costing you thousands in damage. Similarly, Mr. Kringle is tasked with climbing up your chimney and sliding on down in order to place the presents under the tree. If the flashing around your chimney isn’t properly installed, his little climb up it could cause you serious problems.

What kind of damage can the big man cause?

When Santa lands his sleigh on your roof it can cause the granules on your shingles to be stripped away, leaving them far less capable to defend your roof from the high wind, rain, hail, and snow that will follow. Beyond that, once Father Christmas hops out of the sleigh and climbs up the chimney, further granule loss can occur, and he may even disrupt your chimney’s flashing if it was not properly installed in the first place.

HowImpact resistant shingle to defend your roof against Father Christmas

Here’s how: get an impact resistant roof from Integrity Roofing and Painting. By having your roof upgraded with not only Integrity’s Integrated Integrity Roofing System, but also with top-of-the-line impact resistant shingles, your roof will not only look better than it ever has, but will also be ready for the big guy, is sleigh, and all nine of his reindeer. An impact resistant roof, made with not asphalt, but rather with Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), is far better equipped to stand up the your Christmas visitor. When SBS is added to the asphalt used to produce roof shingles that asphalt becomes polymer modified asphalt. This powerful element of impact resistant shingles makes them far more suited to resist high impact and heavy pressure from rain, sleet, snow, hail, and yes, Santa and his sleigh.


The holiday season is upon us, and Santa will soon be landing on your roof. Be prepared for the big guy, and contact Integrity Roofing and Painting for simply the best and most effective impact resistant roof solutions in the business. At Integrity Roofing and Painting, we make roof replacements easy!