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Jul 12, 2016 | Why Choose Us?

Integrity Roofing and Painting is roofing Colorado Springs one house at a time

As an insurance restoration contractor, Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC restores homes to pre-storm condition in the aftermath of hailstorms in Colorado Springs, Denver and the front range. They are one of the premier roofing companies in Colorado. In our area, there are many roofers Colorado Springs has to offer. We believe that Integrity Roofing and Painting has set themselves apart and we’d like to share a little bit of their story. In order to define this company let’s bring some clarity to the word integrity.

Elucidate the word integrity

Integrity Roofing and Painting concept


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, the state of being whole and undivided. That is truly what Integrity Roofing and Painting is as a company. An undivided team of honest individuals serving the community to make it a better place. There is so much more to Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC than replacing roofs. Teresa a managing member of Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC states, “ We have built a team that functions as a family with a common goal to serve our clients well. We do not lose sight of the fact that each roof we replace covers a home, a family. We have sought out team members who demonstrate integrity in their own lives and a appreciate how they serve our clients with honor and professionalism.” As a business professional I have seen every type of company, nothing compares to Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC.

Integrity Roofing and Painting is patriotic

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Culture of Integrity Roofing and Painting

One of the amazing things about Integrity Roofing and Painting is, they follow the, “No man gets left behind” policy. What I mean by this is when someone comes to us expressing they need a new roof, we ALL work together to accomplish the common goal of providing the client with the absolute best roof for their needs and incredible customer service. Once you join the integrity roofing and painting team you become apart of something greater, a family. A special connection to our community by making this world and our homes a better place.

Recently joining the Integrity Roofing and Painting team I was quickly able to establish the connection between the individuals that work here and the company name. Jerry one of the managing members of Integrity Roofing and Painting is a strong dedicated leader. His views on leadership are truly noteworthy and one of a kind! As stated by Jerry, “ A leader must be willing to get out there with the troops like George Washington. He was willing to leave loved ones and the comfort of his home to sleep in the tents with his men. In regards to roofing, the leader must be willing and able to install roofs and perform the same tasks as the “men in the field”. At integrity Roofing and Painting there is no little man, everyone must be a producer and a leader. We all perform the necessary tasks for helping the company grow and succeed through excellent customer service and proven roofing skills. I have to be an expert in this industry due to constant change and modern technology!”

How does Integrity Roofing and Painting oversee roof installs?

Integrity Roofing & Painting team

Integrity Roofing And Painting Project Managers

Our project managers are incredible, I am not just saying this because I work here. Being in the construction industry long enough teaches you different personalities and different fits for company roles. Each one of the project managers goes above and beyond every single time. The clients come first, no matter what! Rain, snow, or shine they will be there to assist you in any way possible! When asking on of our project managers Garrett, about what he loves best about being a project manager and apart of Integrity Roofing and Painting this is what he said, “What I love best is that I am responsible for both the sale of the job and overseeing the projects. Therefore there is no disconnect between the sale and production. So when I meet with the client…. whatever I tell them, we will do… I can personally make sure that it gets done to the best of my ability and in a timely manner.”

Customer service at Integrity Roofing and Painting

Satisfied Integrity Roofing and Painting Customer imageIntegrity Roofing and Painting has strong customer service team. They do not just assist people over the phone. We have a show room for clients to stop in and see at any time. We welcome all of our clients here just to show them what Integrity Roofing and Painting has to offer as well as our open door policy. We are here to serve you and your needs. Tamara who is apart of our front office staff helps in this process by taking your phone calls, emails, and walk ins. She firmly believes that every person that we come into contact with that they feel like they are our priority. We take every clients needs seriously and honorably. We truly want to make sure that each client knows and trusts that we are going to be their advocate during the whole process of their roof replacement. We want to develop trusting relationships so that we accomplish the clients wants and needs. Communication is so important when ti comes to great customer service, so we make it our goal to communicate often with the client to make sure they are not left guessing on any step of the process.

Why choose Integrity Roofing and Painting

There are so many roofers Colorado Springs has to choose from, but here at Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC we take the fact that you chose us very seriously. We may have the same materials that are on your roof but there may be few that have the heart and integrity like Integrity Roofing and Painting. We pride ourselves on how we take care of our clients. We will always go above and beyond in any step of your roof replacement process. We do not have to pay someone to say we are the best, we will show you through our actions and dedication to customer service. Everyone here at Integrity Roofing and Painting loves what they do. One of my personal favorite quotes is, “Choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life” – Confucius. I don’t think he was confused when he said this. He may have been confused about other ideas, but his comment on work was spot on.

All in all, Integrity Roofing and Painting is one of a kind. I am blessed to work with a company with the same belief system as my own. A company that is built on trust and dedication to serving our clients and making our community a better and more beautiful place. Most of the time we hear about companies and do not truly take the time to know the story behind it. From the moment I started here I knew this company was much deeper than what met the eye. When given the option to write about the company I decided to take the personal approach. To not just tell you we believe in honesty and doing whats right. We want to show you. I invite you to come by and see who we are and meet our team! We love our community and are here to serve your needs.

There are many contracting service providers for roofing Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, but if you’re looking for a certified master roofing company then you’ve come to the right place. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is one of a select group of roofing companies in Colorado Springs, CO that has received the illustrious title of a master roofing company from Certainteed. Contact Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC for your roofing needs.