Integrity Roofing and Painting Gives Back to the Community

Jun 13, 2011 | Blog

Integrity Roofing and Painting supports our community

Over the twenty plus years Integrity Roofing and Painting has been in business, we have always enjoyed giving back to the community and to worthy charity organizations. From sponsoring church events, little league teams and Fitness-A-Thons in elementary schools to high school baseball teams, it has always been a pleasure to invest in the development and future of kids and friends in the community and specific needs throughout the world. Integrity Roofing and Painting is a roofing company in Colorado Springs and we desire to inspire other organizations to give to worthy organizations.
We have sought out and found some very worthy organizations that help others beyond the local community and have sown into those both personally and corporately. Several times a year, we view our individual client files and donate a percentage of the gross profits to the organization that each client designates as their choice. While the contributions do come from us, we think it is fun to include our clients in the decision as to where the funds will go. We understand thatthere are numerous worthy organizations, but for simplicity sake, we narrow it down to three that we know and trust.
Since we are passionate about these organizations, we would love to share a little about them with you, maybe inspire you to research them more and make your own contributions. As of July 2015, we give to many more organizations than these groups that our listed. Integrity Roofing and Painting has decided that we will no longer make our contribution amounts public. As we grow it’s our desire to make a greater impact on our community and several nations in the world.

Wounded Warrior Project

One of our most popular choices for contributions is the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization serves the needs of our own American soldiers who are returning from battle. Focusing on our service men and women who are returning home after having been physically wounded in battle, they are an invaluable resource to our military and to our country. The Wounded Warrior Project also provides assistance with Post Traumatic Syndrome that,because their sacrifice, most of us will never have to endure. Soldiers are provided counseling,opportunities and assistance that give them a chance to overcome their new physical challenges and painful recoveries while continuing activities that define their active life styles and sense of identity. They are now offering a WWP TRACK program that gives our wounded soldiers achance to go to school and regain a sense of hope and new direction. As the word gets out aboutwhat they are doing, the program is expanding very rapidly. It is an awesome way to give backto our fellow Americans who have sacrificed so much for us. Please check out their website andlearn more about them. In 2015 and 2016 some things occurred within Wounded Warriors that may have been exaggerated by the media. We continue to support our military community in many ways. As of July 2016 we may be employing several more retired military personnel and we love supporting these men.

Compassion International

Another great organization that we have supported for over 10 years is Compassion International. As the name indicates, it provides assistance and opportunities for individuals in multiple countries where the local people groups are dealing with severe poverty. Sponsors are connected directly to children who they communicate with through email and letters. There is an open invitation for sponsors to travel to the home country and meet their sponsored child. Overtime, relationships are built. The children are provided with immediate needs such as meals and clean water and medical care. Educational opportunities are also provided as well as safe social environment at the local facilities.
Beyond direct sponsorship, there are opportunities for purchasing mosquito nets in malaria ridden countries and leadership academies for young adults who have grown up in theorganization and shown great leadership qualities. These men and women are equipped to attend college and make a positive impact on their home communities. For those who are not sure where to designate their contribution, there is a Most Needed Fund that allocates funds to the areas where it will do the most good. The organization is based in Colorado Springs and toursof the corporate office are encouraged. Consider sponsoring a child today for the sake of your family as well as theirs. Their website is a great place to find out more! As of July 2016 our family contributes to Compassion International and Mercy Me. Both organizations are great and assist those in need. We’ve made a personal decision to enlarge are personal giving to Mercy Me.

Somebody Cares America

Another fantastic organization to contribute to is Somebody Cares America. It started out yearsago as a street ministry to help the homeless and struggling teenagers and families in the heart of this community, TX. Doug Stringer, Somebody Cares founder, has such a heart to help others and a gift of networking and organization that the ministry has grown to an international outreach with local deposits all over the United States and other nations. It has actually grown into an international organization,but has very strong roots in the local communities.
We have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand how they have helped many in need. Almost immediately After Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and surrounding areas, Hurricane Rita ripped through the souther part of our nation. It did not get the national attention, but to the residence of Beaumont and surrounding areas, life was disrupted and homes and businesses destroyed. Even though he was already working around the clock to assist the Katrina evacuees who sought shelter, Doug Stringer personally traveled to Beaumont and slept on achurch floor that was operating as a shelter so that Somebody Cares International could provide for immediate needs and facilitate greater levels of assistance in the area. After Hurricane Ike wipedout Galveston Island, Somebody Cares was immediately on the scene providing hot meals,drinking water, and even hot showers and laundry service to overwhelmed residents (as well as FEMA workers who turned to Somebody Cares for direction and help.) This organization stood out as being the one who was prepared to help and mobilized to meet immediate needs when lives were turned upside down. In times of crisis and in between, when individuals are experiencing their own crisis, Somebody Cares is always ready to offer hope and practical help. Check out their website and see if they have a local presence in your community. It is a great place to call if you find yourself in a tough situation. It is also a great organization in which to connect if you are in a position to be able to help others.
From our personal and corporate giving experience, we can tell you that all three of these are truly amazing organizations. We are honored to be able to contribute to them and encourage you to get to know them and consider partnering with them as well. Doug Stringer is a man that I know and trust.

Blog post updated June 27, 2016