How to Evaluate your Local Roofing Company

Oct 28, 2011 | How To's

Know what things to insist upon from the local roofing company you choose

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Local Denver and Colorado Springs Roofing Company

Integrity Roofing and Painting is a local roofing company which takes tremendous pride in providing the highest quality service for their local Colorado customers. Because the roof is such a critically important component of your home or business, choosing a local Colorado Springs roofing company is a big and potentially majorly consequential decision. The short and sweet explanation for choosing the right local roofing company for your needs it to contact Integrity Roofing and Paining, as we’re confident that this will be the best possible solution for you! That said, in today’s post we’ll break down the most important qualities of any roofing companies that you should always insist upon before choosing a roofing company to handle the critically important tasks of repairing and replacing the roof of your home or business.

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Trained Roof Installer

Highest quality workmanship

Every local roofing company will tell you about how great of a job they are going to do on your home or businesses roof. On paper, all roofing companies will look like the best company that has ever operated. That being said, do your own research. Ask for testimonials and references to get an idea for yourself just how happy past clients have been with a given companies’ workmanship and quality. In the end, you need the best possible roof for your money. Make sure that the roofing company you choose is capable of providing just that. Ask for a roofing contractor that has a continual education program for the entire team. Our roofing crews are trained at our in house training facility. In addition, annual text book testing is required. We believe that workmanship is taught from experience and from being trained by others that have a little more knowledge and experience. Certainteed helps to provide that service to our team. We incorporate their training program into our work culture. Every roofer should do thing be a book or the book. What I mean is either the company should have their own roofing standards in written form and on top of that it’s good to incorporate a shingle manufacturers program to make sure everyone is installing according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Everyone has to start at some time, but having some training before they climb on a roof is extremely important.

Colorado Roofing Association

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Colorado Roofing Association

Colorado Springs roofing companies have the opportunity to participate in the Colorado Roofing Association training program. Several of our team members have gone through CRA training for a six week course. Request that your roofing installer provide certificates of training. GAF, Certainteed, Owens Corning are well known shingle manufacturer’s that offer various levels of training to installers.

Job Supervision

A well trained and capable project manager should oversee the roof install. Ask the contractor or sales person who will oversee the install. You may prefer to work with the same person from start to finish and if that’s your preference ask if this desire can be accommodated by the prospective

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Training Center with two of our team members.

roofer. Overall we’ve discovered that it seems to be much easier to work with the same person. It keeps from having to talk with a multiple of people which helps to eliminate any misunderstanding. I think the company that’s designed their system to service clients with a project manager from start to finish is properly set up to succeed.



All encompassing, start-to-finish service

It’s always nice to work with the same person from a company from start to finish. Whether you need some simple repairs to your roof, or a completely new roof, there this much more that goes into any roofing project than simply having some professional roofers climb up on your roof and start hammering. Make sure that the roofing company you choose offers a full service solution which begins with properly preparing your property before starting the work and ends with a complete clean-up of your property after the project is complete. With this being said it is imperative that the contractor inspect the roof than provide a detailed well written inspection. One of the things that we’ve done at Integrity Roofing and Painting is we have created our Integrity Roofing System. This is our standard and this information is to presented to every prospective client. What I mean is our minimum standards exceed building code requirements and every roof we install is of the same quality. We don’t have multiple levels of roofs systems. Providing a high quality roof system on every install means that we’ve raised the bar in the roofing industry. After the roof is installed it’s important to have a customer service team that can help you with any need that you might have. A one man roof operation may be able to service all of your roofing needs, however it’s nice time to work with a medium sized company that’s big enough to be here ten years from and small enough to know you by name.

Any-time availability so that you’re always covered

The threats presented by the Colorado climate require that your local roofing company be available immediately for emergency repairs. The last thing you want is for your roof to suffer damages caused by a tremendous hail storm, or massive Colorado snow, and you are unable to contact your roofing company for immediate emergency repairs.  Always insist that the roofing company you choose will be available when you need their services the most.

Stop by the roofing companies facility

To find out what someone’s really like stop by the office unannounced. This is a great way to see the business culture of the group that your considering working with. I’ve stopped by companies once and never returned because what I saw wasn’t who I wanted to hire. Replacing a roof is a big investment and we take your needs seriously. As a reflection of who we are stop by unannounced and look at our facility. We have a small but nice showroom and outback we have a fully functioning training center. Everything that everyone of our installers needs to know is taught and re-trained at our facility. If your looking for a local Colorado Springs Roofer contact Integrity Roofing and Painting to stop by and assess your roof.

Visit one of their roof installs

I”d recommend visiting a roof install of your prospective roofing contractor before making a decision. Please take the time to look at our video to know what to expect during the roof install.