Preliminary numbers of impacted homes coming in from the massive hailstorm which occurred on May 8, 2017 may indicate that this is one of the earliest and costliest hailstorms in Denvers’ history. Time will tell, but hail reporting companies inspection from 100,000 to 300,000 homes may have been damaged from large hail on Monday. If 100,000 or more property claims are processed for full roof replacements this will be an historic event.

The following are several of the costliest storms in Denver: In 1984 a weather event on June 13-14 produced widespread damage resulting in $276,000,000 in inspectiond damages. July 11, 1990 in the Denver metro area another storm wreaked havoc costing insurers approximately $625,000,000. A late season storm occurring October 1, 1994 caused approximately 225 million dollars in insured damages to property.

Colorado seems to have been spared major storm damage for a decade spanning from 1995 – 2008. Once again in May 22, 2008 another devastating storm impacted the Denver metro area where insurers loss approximately $194,000,000. By now it’s obvious that our region is prone to hailstorms.

Roofing & Hail Damage Repair in Denver

In 2009 Colorado experienced three major storm events. June 2009 Denver was pounced with widespread large hail during a series of weather events for several days and inspectiond damages from this event are around $353 million dollars. One month later on July 20, 2009 reported insurance losses in Denver, Colorado metro area exceeded $767 million dollars. One day later in Pueblo, Colorado hail strikes again and inspectiond losses were around $232 million dollars from the July 21, 2009 Pueblo storm.

More recently, in this decade beginning July 13, 2011 the front range was pummeled with hail stones costing insurers approximately $165 million dollars. Several years later on September 29, 2014 a $213 million dollar storm cycled through Denver.

Colorado Springs was not forgotten and last year on July 28, 2016 a massive wide spread storm impacted this area in the evening time. Many homeowners experienced this frightful experience in the dark. Roofs are still being inspected and replaced from this storm. Rough inspections indicate that this storm cost insurers $343 million dollars.

Anyone that has lived in Denver should be aware of the frequency of hailstorms and the devastating results of large hail. One of the results of a massive hailstorm for Denver homeowners is the onslaught of Denver roofers offering their services to replace roofs. Immediately following the storm many roofers begin canvassing neighborhoods offering free roof inspections and providing emergency services.

Many skylights were broken during the May 8, 2017 hailstorm and Denver and immediate attention is needed to mitigate against further loss. One of the services that Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC provides is emergency cover-ups. We highly recommend hiring one of the roofing companies in Denver to climb on your roof to perform this service. All to often we have heard of homeowners injuring themselves while attempting to provide a temporary repair on their roof. It’s better to allow a qualified roofer utilizing safety procedures and proper techniques to install tarps and secure skylights on roofs. However, at this time it may be difficult for a homeowner to locate a roofer in Denver.

Many roofing companies in Denver will become overloaded with the volume of calls after a storm of this magnitude. If a homeowner decides to perform the repair it would be advisable to utilize a safety harness properly secured to an anchor paint on the roof.

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