Prepare Your Roof for the Windy Colorado Springtime

Mar 20, 2013 | Roofing Tips

Every spring, in our beautiful state, the wind comes barreling down from the mountains and whips through the front range. If your roof is not ready for such an assault, a lot of unneeded damage can occur.

Free Roof Tip to Help Prepare Your Roof for High Winds

Shingles are typically not designed to resist the hurricane force winds that the spring can sometimes bring. Shingles come with integral locking tabs or factory-applied adhesives that, on occasion, do not adhere adequately to the shingle beneath because of cold weather installation, uneven surfaces, or any number of other reasons. For increased wind resistance and durability. there are a few steps that you can take to safeguard your home against these damages.

Check the shingles to make sure they are properly adhered the underlying shingle. MAKE SURE TO USE PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT WHILE CLIMBING ON AND AROUND YOUR ROOF!

Install Plastic Cement Under Loose Shingles

If you locate a shingle that is not firmly stuck the shingle below it, place two spots of quick-setting asphalt cement (commonly called roofing-tar) about the size of a nickel under each tab with a putty knife or caulking gun.Roof Cement Repair

Press the loose shingle firmly onto the adhesive. Be sure to cement all the tabs throughout the roof, and be careful not to bend them farther than necessary when applying the adhesive as to avoid cracking, or shearing of the shingle. If you damage any shingles, replace them immediately.

The edges of roofs are most susceptible to wind damage. If the materials on the edges of your roof are not properly secured, wind is able get beneath it and begin lifting it. It times, you can hear this if you have unsecured shingles on your roof. It sounds like clapping in a windstorm. With continued exposure to wind, these materials are separated from the rest of the roof leaving the rest of your home below vulnerable to the damaging effects of leaks.

If this is too big of a chore to take on yourself contact Integrity Roofing and Painting, and have one of the best roofing companies in Colorado Springs send over a qualified roof inspector. PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you decide to take this chore on yourself.