Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Aug 3, 2012 | Roofing Tips

roof covered with snowAs much as we don’t want to admit it, we all know that winter is on the way. Here in Colorado, we know exactly what our winters entail. Snow, snow, snow, and oh yeah. More snow. This is why as homeowners it’s extremely crucial that we prepare our homes, and most importantly our roofs, for these harsh Colorado winters.

Roofing Hazards and Solutions

In Denver, Colorado, heavy snow and ice can often damage your roof and cause warping to your rafters and trusses. One sure way to ensure your roof doesn’t gather too much ice and heavy snow is to install something called an attic ventilation system. Attic ventilation systems will allow your attic to circulate air ensuring that the moving air will provide less build up of ice and snow on your roof. These systems have been proven to save a homeowner at least 30% or more on their energy bills! Hey, that’s all good and well, but we know that it will not eliminate snow from accumulating on the roof. The only other way to prevent roof damage or a roof collapse is to remove the snow. On a one story ranch style home you can use a snow rake that is made for roofs. I highly advise against climbing on a roof laden with snow. At the end of the day you may not be able to remove this hazard and the only option is to deal with it. The safest is option is to hire one of the many Denver Roofers to assist in snow removal. To be prepared for winter create a list of several Denver Roofers that can provide winter snow removal services. The final item to prepare a roof for winter is to install several roof anchor points before at the peak of your roof. Do this before winter sets in. I’ve seen several properties that not only have anchor points installed they also have ropes that are already on their roofs. This way all they have to do is fasten into their full body harness than attach the secured rope to the harness. Now they’re ready to safely tackle snow removal. That’s a great way to prepare your roof for winter.snow roof rake

Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Snow on the roofAnother winter hazard is clogged gutters. Wind from spring and summer storms can blow branches, leaves, and other debris into the gutters stopping them from properly draining run off snow. Inspecting and cleaning your gutters prior to winter’s bitter arrival can be a tedious job but will most indefinitely pay off in the long run. Rain water and melting snow will often stand on your roof and it is crucial that they have the proper exit via gutters and downspouts to ensure that no leaks will occur. When clearing out your gutters, make sure to check the fasteners as water can often rust and weaken them. Many times with faulty fasteners the water will overflow and cause build up causing further more damage. Always ensure that your gutters are properly fastened to your home to avoid damage.

Often another hazard that causes roofs to leak is debris, limbs, and leaves that will lay in the crooks and valleys of your roof lines. When preparing your roof for winter, make sure to do a walk through and ensure all of the valleys are clear of any debris that can add weight and often will act as a barrier to rain and melting snow. Valleys in roofs are more than often the most common place a roof leak can occur so with that ensure that all the shingles and roofing materials are adequately protecting all aspects of this area.

Need Help?

That’s okay. If you or someone you know needs a little help in preparing your roof or perhaps even installing a new roof before winter comes in, contact us here at Integrity Roofing and Painting today to ensure your roof, home, and all other aspects are fit and ready for those bitter Colorado winters! And remember! If you refer someone to us, you’ll receive $200! Choose one of our local Denver roofers to help with your roofing needs. We will be here before and after the storm.