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Aug 19, 2010 | Roofs

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What is a roofing system?

Sometimes a homeowner selects a high quality brand name shingle, without considering the other components required to complete an integrated roofing system.  An integrated roofing system is more than the shingles.  It consists of all of the roof components that are being replaced on the roof. This system requires proper application methods.  The job workmanship and type of materials used are critical to an integrated roof system when selecting from local Roofing Companies in Colorado Springs. If you have one without the other the system will be incomplete.

The contractor should explain how the various components work together, and why each is being used in designing your roof system solution.  You will want to ask specific questions about each of the items used.  A professional will want you to spend the time that is necessary to discuss designing the best roof solution for you. Ask your contractor about the roofing system and how it will protect your property from the normal weather patterns in your area.


The following components are items to consider for your roof system.

  • The roof underlayment is part of the core of every roof system. There are many types of underlayment and each one performs differently. This is an important part of the system and the contractor should explain why a particular underlayment has been selected. You may want to do a little research on felt underlayment or a synthetic underlayment and how it might impact your roof system. I can share with you that if you’re roof system is not properly ventilated than a synthetic underlayment may lead to larger problems. In addition, if felt underlayment is being installed on very steep roofs than that may lead to another issue.
  • Valley flashing is a necessary part of any roof system that contains valleys. It’s important to know what flashing material will be used by the contractor. Some old school contractors are only installing a layer of felt in the valley. Others install a double layer, Savvy roofing companies in Colorado Springs install ice and water shield underlayment in the valley. This product isn’t water resistant it is water proof. In an area where you experience snow loads and ice dams the only way to go is with a water proof underlayment. Many building codes may not require ice and water shield, but it’s our product of choice. Finally, there is the possibility of using metal in the valley. We do install metal valleys on some roofs and it serves that particular application well. The system components must match the roof planes and field shingles.
  • Wall Flashing is either applied or re-used. The contractor needs to explain which method is going to be used in the roof system. Many builders only install a 4×5 flashing along the wall. This often times works well for the first roof. However, when the roof needs to removed and replace the old 4×5 flashing may be inferior. Installing step-flashing along wall abutments may be the better choice. For a final layer of defense ice and water shield can be installed underneath of the wall flashing.
  • All flashing will either be new or re-used. It’s important to know how this will be addressed. Old chimney flashing is an extremely vulnerable area for water penetration. Chimney flashing should be addressed as an integral part of the roof system. The same goes for skylight flashing and it should be addressed with proper flashing procedures.
  • Eave and rake flashing are part of a roof system. Water proof underlayment may be part of the roof system along eaves and rakes.
  • Drip edge can be used on the eave and rake.
  • Roof ventilation may be addressed when the roof is installed or replaced. Proper ventilation should be a consideration in selecting a roof system.
  • The type of ridge cap is part of an integrated roof system and should be a dedicated ridge cap.
  • Most roof systems will drain into a guttering system. The water diverter along any wall abutments is critical for proper performance of a roof to shed water off of the eave and into a gutter. This is an ofter overlooked area which leads to interior water leaks or soffit damage.
  • The field shingles are the most focused on part of the roof system and they are extremely important. However, a premium field shingle installed with inferior or old components doesn’t raise the level of the roof system to the same level as the premium shingle. The roof system is only as good as the inferior component.
  • Fire rating of all of the roofing components is an essential part of a roof system. On low slope roofs a fire resistant sheeting may be required in order to achieve a class A fire rating.
  • Class 4 integrated roof system will require all field shingles and ridge shingles to be class 4. There are some insurance companies that will allow only class 4 field shingles, however that’s nor a true integrated roof system.

Application of Roof System May Impact Overall Performance

The various methods of application will determine whether your roof system reaches the optimal potential of its components.  There are minimum standards created by the shingle manufacturers and local building departments.  These standards have to be met in order for the roof to pass required inspections.  Some governing bodies require no inspections and leave the choice up to the installer.  These minimum requirements are the building block to a good roof.  Often times there are choices that the homeowner can make which will give them a great roof.roof system being installed by nail gun

A great roof that is optimized saves the homeowner money, provides peace of mind, extends the life of their roof and resists storms.  Certain types of applications and roofs can reduce the homeowner’s insurance costs.  In addition, there are certain designs and application methods which will reduce the chances of having mold in your home.  Air ventilation methods oftentimes increase energy efficiency in a home and extend the life of the roof system.   Properly nailed roof systems increase the shingle holding power during a Hurricane or high winds. If nails are over driven or under driven over a large portion of the roof system than some measure of failure may occur. During a high wind event shingles may blow off due to improper installation. The products potential will only be as good as the level of installers and installation techniques. You will want to ask each contractor about specific details about the application process. Optional upgrades can provide cost savings, peace of mind, roof longevity and storm resistance.  The contractor should be willing to provide options that will benefit you.

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