Is your Austin residence in need of a new and sturdy roof? The roof of your home is the first line of defense between you and the harsh weather in Austin that ranges from hot temperatures and harsh winds to hail storms. It’s vital that your roof can provide you with years of protection from the local climate. Selecting a new roof for your residence may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help break it down into 5 main tips that you can reference.

how to choose a new roof in Austin

So, before you decide on a new roof for your home in Austin, here are several tips that will help teach you how to choose a new roof.

Choosing a New Roof in Austin: 5 Tips

Integrity Roofing and Painting can install both asphalt shingle and metal roofing for residents in Austin. The type of roofing that you choose for your home will depend on things like your budget, your city’s climate, energy efficiency needs, and personal style goals for your home’s exterior

Your Finances

Before you begin looking at potential roofing options for your Austin residence, you should consider your budget. Asphalt shingles roofing is the most affordable roofing material for Austin residents. Metal roofing tends to be more expensive than your typical asphalt shingle roof, but it boasts a much longer lifespan. So, before you decide on a new roof, think about if you would prefer something more affordable that will need to be replaced in the future, or a more expensive roofing material, like metal, that will cost more upfront but will last for many years. 

choosing a new roof in Austin

Hiring a Local Roofing Company

Hiring a professional and local roofing company will make all the difference when it comes to receiving tailored and durable roofing solutions that will withstand the Austin climate. A local roofing company will have established their business in your city, be familiar with the climate, have reviews from other residents, provide you with high-quality and timely repairs, and will already be complying with local permits and regulations. 

Sturdiness & Weather Resistance

Another important step in choosing a new roof is ensuring that it can withstand the local weather in Austin and provide you with years of protection. As mentioned above, Austin is prone to high heat and humidity, harsh winds, and hail. The roofing that you choose should be resistant to these weather conditions in addition to rain, mold, and UV radiation. 

choosing a new roof, how to choose a new roof, Austin

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient 

In recent years, residents in Austin have become much more interested in choosing roofing materials that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.  Different roofing materials will affect your home’s energy consumption. A more energy-efficient roofing, such as metal roofing, will help maintain your home’s indoor temperature and help lower your monthly energy bills. Metal roofing is a great example of an eco-friendly roofing material, as well, because it is usually made from recyclable materials and you can recycle it at the end of its lifespan. 

Your Personal Style Goals 

Your personal style goals play a huge part in the type of roofing that you choose, as well. When undergoing a new roof installation, you can customize the color, style, and texture of your roofing. Narrowing down the ideal look and feel of your home will help you select the perfect new roof for your Austin home.

Integrity Roofing and Painting: Your Go-To Roofing Experts

We know that the process of having changes made to your home seems overwhelming, but we are here to help make the experience as educational and straightforward as possible. 


The team at Integrity Roofing and Painting is well-equipped to answer any questions that you have and help you find the best new roof for your Austin home. We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and giving each project the attention to detail that it deserves. Call us today to learn more about having a new roof installed on your home!